[DoI] Food Program Days 5605-11

Day 5,605, 01:07 Published in USA USA by USA Department of the Interior
Food Program Day 5605-11
Privately Funded for Public Consumption

Dateline: Sunday, March 26 2023 (Day 5605 ).
Managing Editor: Press Corps Writer Custer

Weekly Food Distribution

Comment below. I’ll send you 3000 energy worth of Food.

Bonus Weapons Distribution

Comment whether you’re a Ground Fighter or an Airman. I’ll send you weapons.
This portion of the give-away won’t always be here, but it is this time.

Fine Print
eUS Citizens only. Once per week. Privately funded. While supplies last. First come, first served. No shoes no shirt no service. Management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. No personal checks.
Hold my beer.

[DoI] Weekly Food Days 5605-11

WHPR 5606: The Haberdashery

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