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[DoI] Federal Communications Comission - #usa-chat Contest & eNPR

Day 2,006, 04:19 Published in USA USA by USA Department of the Interior

The eUS has a national chat? Excuse me, the eUS has a national chat. You might have joined idled, and eventually left, logging hundreds of players entering and leaving the channel, with only the bots ascii and GeorgeWashington saying anything at all. #usa-chat is a popular room... to sit in and do absolutely nothing else.

That is about to change. #usa-chat is on the mend, and folks are actively using it more and more everyday. Still, we could be doing better. A national chat is important for the country. We should have a national chat that new players can go to for help, that eForeigners can come and get to know us, that eMericans can use to get to know each other.

To meet these ends, the DoI will be running a competition. Entry is free, all you have to do is chat! The first round of this competition will run for a week (between game days 2007 and 2014) and data will be collected by the ChanStat bot, and is viewable publically by clicking here. Members of the eUS Executive government are not eligible for this competition. Logs will be kept of all activity in the channel, so folks who spam the channel will be eliminated from the competition.

Top Chatter - $5000
Second Place - $1000
Third Place - $500
5 Random Chatters will be awarded $100 each.

Get out there and start chatting it up!!! If IRC confuses you click here for one of the best IRC guides out there.

eNPR Producer and Host Jude Conners and Country President Artela have been making a couple changes to the national radio show. First off, the new airtime is Fridays at 19:00 (10p East, 7p West). The next change is a little bit bigger. The way to listen to the show is much easier and far more reliable: At airtime, click the “listen live” button, and eNPR will start playing automatically.

Furthermore, calling in is easier than ever. First, Click Here to Download TeamSpeak. After it’s been downloaded, simply click the link “RadioStar TeamSpeak3” and your Teamspeak software will automatically open up to the RadioStar server. There is a public room there, called eNPR - a subchannel of the eRepublik voice chat channel. You can go there and listen LIVE as the show is going on. Let Jude or Artela know you are there, and they can give you talk permissions to speak LIVE on the RadioStar stream. For those who don’t have a mic or are a little shy to talk, there is also a text chat bar at the bottom of Teamspeak. It’s easy, and actually pretty damn fun!

A friendly reminder for those in-the-know, and an f.y.i. for those just hearing: You too can get free things from the eUS Government, and eUS Political Parties. These programs are meant to help you, so take full advantage of them. Free stuff is sitting around waiting to be handed out.

Each program has different eligibility requirements, and party promotions give more supplies to their members. Make sure to check you’re eligible before you request.

Department of Interior Programs

Meals on Wheels - Free Food!
1. Be a US citizen at level 25 or under
2. Grab your profile ID (this is the number at the end of your citizen profile page url)
3. Go to

Bewbs 4 Newbs - Free Food!
1. Register @
2. Find a great bewb pic and your profile link
3. Visit and post your chosen bewb pic and link @

TankUp2RankUp - Free Tanks!
1. Be a US citizen at or between levels 25 - 29
2. Do not belong to AFA or any anti-American group (Party or MU)
3. Visit and apply @

eUS Armed Forces

eUSAF Flight Training - Apply Here

Flight Training is the official eUS Armed Forces bootcamp. They will acquaint you with the game, and introduce you to the way that Military Units operate. You will recieve daily supplies, and battle instructions to maximize your damage. At the conclusion of your Flight Training course you will move on to higher level eUSAF Military Units

Air Force - Apply Here
Requirements: Completed Flight Training, or equivalent.

Rogue Squadron - Apply Here
Requirements: Level 30+

Ultra Marines - Apply Here
Requirements: Rank of Field Marshal+

Special Forces - Apply Here
Reuirements: One hit with Q7 > 25,000 damage

Political Parties

Federalist Party A Helping Hand Free Tanks & Food!
1. Grab your profile link
2. Register @
3. Go to

United States Workers Party BR4iNs f0r z0MBi3s - Food for most, Tanks for members
1. Register @
2. Find your profile link
3. Visit and post your profile link @

We The People Feed The World Food for all, Tanks for members
1. Grab your profile link
2. Go to

American Military Party Supplies for War! Food for All, Tanks for members
1. Grab your profile link
2. Go to

Secretary of the Interior



Chat for free stuff!

Othere Day 2,006, 04:26


Lemon Vodka
Lemon Vodka Day 2,006, 04:58

Gib moneyz

Emerick Day 2,006, 05:45

>new airtime is Fridays at 19:00 (10p East, 7p West)

What a coincidence, that's exactly when I was talking about doing a show, on the forum.

>calling in is easier than ever
>just download
>run updates
>then learn how to use it

Remember when calling in was as simple as picking up your phone and hitting some numbers?

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 2,006, 06:00

I love Jude but that's an excellent point and I miss being on WWW while walking around my yard.

Cubby Day 2,006, 07:40

For the record, i used the TeamSpeak app on my iPhone.

Artela Day 2,006, 07:59

That airtime is what we moved to at the beginning of this term, so I think you'll find we moved the time before you mentioned your attempts on the forum : )

Mr.Cypriot Day 2,006, 06:09

3 days before
IRC, or Internet Relay Chat, is a very large part of the Erep experience. Basically all it is, is large chatrooms of erep players. There are chatrooms for Departments in the Government, countries, MUs, and Political Parties.
Some Useful IRC Channels
#usa The USA’s National Channel
Nigger Please!
Select which is national channel #usa or #usa-chat
or both(!!!! LOL !!!!)

Artela Day 2,006, 07:58

#usa-chat is the *official* channel

Othere Day 2,006, 08:04

typos happen, Secretary of Media Paul Proteus will correct the mistake in future issues of WHPR

Hampton H. Hampton
Hampton H. Hampton Day 2,006, 15:30

Friday at 10 eastern, more proof that the elite folks that play this game don't often leave their moms basement.

I'll be busy at that time, sorry I'll miss your show, but hey, you make your moms proud with your programs there.

EnterAwesome Day 2,006, 19:43

Was in there, didn't like it. At all.

Othere Day 2,006, 20:07

Down with the naysayer!

EnterAwesome Day 2,006, 20:08


HeapSeppo Day 2,007, 01:45

I'm asleep during the eNPR show, so are there any deals or something I should know for the coming week since apparently if you don't listen to the eNPR show you got no right to complain about lack of communication?

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