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[DoFA Public Announcement] The State of Australia

Day 1,895, 20:21 Published in Australia Australia by Australian Foreign Affairs

My fellow Australians,

As you are probably aware, a lot has been going on over the last few days. You can see something is happening by simply looking at the number of regions we have back. I am sure most of you know that Australia and Chile signed the eAustralian and eChile Non-Agression Agreement commonly referred to as the Treaty.

I tried to have some of this amended with the now Impeached CP of Chile before it was re-affirmed by both of us. Chile, however, wanted to ensure it stayed as is. They believed it was too soon to re-negotiate terms since not enough trust had been established. Australia bit its tongue and accepted their feelings. We therefore both re-affirmed the Treaty terms. Australia have done everything to keep the treaty as written.

The same can’t quite be said by Chile. There were three (3) breeches in total. Australia chose to overlook, instead of enforce the devastating breech terms, so that relations between Chile and Australia could remain open, productive and reconciliatory.

So why then does Australia have so many regions back? These are not Australia’s doing. We have been fully compliant as confirmed by the former Chilean CP, CoT SG, Brazil and USA. The real culprit is Argentina who have RW of our regions to distract fire from their attacks on Chile. The secondary purpose of the RWs are maintain a wedge between Australia and Chile. This has resulted in our regions being returned because Chile is unable to defend both the Treaty regions and their home regions. This has found Australia in the position of having nearly all of our regions back with Chile losing some of its own. This is further complicated by the flaws in the Treaty on how region returns are handled (read not covered at all). Australia and Chile have brainstormed an efficient process for Treaty regon returns that doesn’t also complicate the Aus-NZ-Chile-Arg balancing act, but have yet to settle on a solution that favours both parties. Don’t allow the enemy to determine our agenda.

But why keep it simple? As you may also be aware, Indonesia threatened to NE us on three occasions. The first was proposed by the Indonesian CP after failed discussions. Indonesia withdrew at the last moment when it became clear we would not rise to their bait to lose our common MPP stack. The other two were done by “rogue” Indonesian Congress Members. Both of which also failed as the Indonesian Congress clearly understood the ramifications:
1) Indonesia lose their common MPPs for half a month while they war Australia, and
2) Indonesia stand in violation of the CoT Charter for making war on a country with which a member have a treaty. Let’s not forget how bad it make CoT SG look when a rogue member state ignores CoT’s role as mediator and enforcer in said Treaty.

Unfortunately, these actions by eIndonesia have caused issues with us signing MPP with both CoT and TWO. Many of these alliance nations are not prepared to sign or re-sign MPP with Australia for fear of losing their Indonesian MPP should they attack. As it presently stands, we still only have our original 7 MPP, and very little prospect of more with CoT nations. Essentially, after Indonesia failed in bullying Australia into submission, they are now doing so with our MPP partners instead. Their list of demands for Australian regions has also ballooned from just Western Australia to Western Australia, South Australia and eventually Victoria “when Chile fails”.

Australia is in a difficult position. The alliance we have so diligently worked with to improve relations no longer seems to want us. It appears they favour an imperialistic nation with little regard for their laws or anyone else over a country that shares a very similar history with most of its member states. While Australia have always understood that membership would be a long road with many sacrifices, we believe in the greater merit of aligning with like-minded countries with no stomach for imperialistic tendencies, bully-diplomacy, and raw intimidation. Australia cannot help but feel that the demand for changes in CoT by new members, who are also the very nations that caused other alliances to implode, will result in CoT eating itself. CoT stand on a threshold: the rule of law, camaraderie and congeniality vs rules-lawyering, back-biting and selfish interests.
The way they choose to fall will change everything.

Currently, Australia acts knowing that Chile’s setbacks are temporary. Australia know that we want Chile, New Zealand and Peru as comrades. Australia know we want a new enlightened partnership with Indonesia.
Australia know that there will be sacrifices for the greater good. Australia also know that there is a better way of doing things.

All we need is a little trust and cooperation so that we may continue to work for an effective alliance we can all be proud of.


Xavier Griffith
Prime Minister of Australia

Your Australian Department of Foreign Affairs Team
Country President Xavier Griffith
Vice President Molly Jo
Minister of Foreign Affairs (General) Majester
Minister of Foreign Affairs (Asia-Pacific) Binda33
Minister of Foreign Affairs (Americas) witherd1
Minister of Foreign Affairs (Europe, Middle East, Africa) argi the eliminator
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs roboz
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Louise Brooks
Director of Ambassadors James Rellori



Henry the 8th
Henry the 8th Day 1,895, 20:32

I have been telling you morons for 6 months now that this shit would happen ...


metehan2010 Day 1,895, 20:34

very well written article, very informative

Aussiee Bloke
Aussiee Bloke Day 1,895, 20:43


nimnul Day 1,895, 21:29


Binda33 Day 1,896, 03:39


x 2

raulazo324 Day 1,896, 08:18

australianos....los chilenos son los enemigos y no les comviene confiar en una nación ocupante...son traidores en la vida real como en el juego cuidado!!!

CesarD Day 1,896, 09:55

Well, we argies told you from the first time! You sign with Chile, they will backstab you whenever they don't need you anymore or whenever they find it suitable... No honor, no loyalty, no nothing from them!
Now you will have to be erased by them again. Should you have helped in destroying Victoria any earlier, you would have kicked Chile out of Australia, NZ would have been sealed for you, and Chile would be erased from Sudamerica by us, meaning no further threat from them or us (as you say we're a threat for you, which we're not).

Now, both sides enjoy the epicness of your fail! Aussies for signing a shameful treaty, and Chile for showing their true colors to the world...

James Buffet
James Buffet Day 1,896, 14:06

We should invade them.

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