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[DoEE] Article Writing Competition Winners!

Day 2,259, 01:56 Published in Australia Australia by Aus Ministry of Culture

And the winners of the article writing competition are!

FIRST: Blackwood.285
SECOND: Skraus
THIRD: Binda33

And dont forget, EVERYONE ELSE WINS $50 AUD!

And dont forget to Just DoEEt

Minister of Entertainment and Education: James Rellori

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venja Day 2,259, 02:02

Congratz to all winners

Pat McCrutch
Pat McCrutch Day 2,259, 02:13

Winning or nothing 😞 Keep my consolation prize for another sucker 😛

James Rellori
James Rellori Day 2,259, 02:17

Oh okay, It will be going towards the next competition then! Plus if you change your mind, Just yell.

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 2,259, 02:18

Great idea...needs more participation people, we may be wiped but we need to keep an active community going.

Blackwood.285 Day 2,259, 02:21

How can I be the first?:OOO
Thanks!😁)) And also congrats to the others.🙂

Guagature Day 2,259, 03:27

This was neither entertaining nor educational - no vote

Congrats to the winners \o/

Binda33 Day 2,259, 04:21

Yay, thanks!

T. B. Hat
T. B. Hat Day 2,259, 04:23

Can you provide a link to these articles please? For the lazy peeps.

Skraus Khan
Skraus Khan Day 2,259, 04:46

Nice õ/

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