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[DoE] War Declarations Explained

Day 2,034, 02:39 Published in USA USA by Department of Citizen Affairs

With wars erupting all over the place in eRepublik as the CoT vs TWO world war begins to envelop the New World, I thought an article explaining the various methods to declare war and start hostilities against other nations was in order.

This article aims to explain the various ingame mechanics available to a country’s president and Congress which allow it to initiate wars against other countries.

Declare War

The oldest method to declare war on this game, is the drumroll “declare war” option that is available to Presidents. Although it needs only a simple majority to pass in Congress, this method is almost completely defunct in modern day eRepublik because of this huge costs involved (200 gold + 10% gold of the number of citizens of the aggressor nation). The two countries must have an ingame border, and the aggressor must attack within 24 hours or risk losing initiative.

Natural Enemy Proposal

The natural enemy proposal, which can be proposed by both a Congressman and the President, is different from a “Declare War” Proposal in the sense that it costs no gold. Further, citizens of the declaring country - should the law pass- get a 10% damage bonus while hitting for their country against their opponents. To be passed, this proposal requires two-thirds acceptance in the country’s legislature. The country that is being declared on must have a border with the aggressor. A war will open automatically between the two countries, after 24 hours if the aggressor country’s CP does not attack until then. Because of the no costs involved, this method of initiating hostilities has made the "Declare War" option in the game completely redundant.

Furthermore, while a country may only have one NE at a time, multiple countries can declare a single country as their Natural Enemy. Currently, the USA has been NE’d by Serbia, Hungary, Poland and the United Kingdom.


The Airstrike is a relatively new feature added by eRepublik that allows countries to attack other nations with whom they donot share a border. As seen below, the costs of an airstrike are rather high.

Law Fee = (1.000.000 Currency + 100.000 Currency for each region owned that is not original ) * ( 1 + (25 * Number of distinct Food Resources Owned)/100))/15

Health Units Required = (Country Citizenship Population + All Allies Population ) * 250

However, this feature, which can only be proposed by Country Presidents and requires a simple majority to pass, can be extremely useful for countries in tough neighbourhoods. Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Albania have all used the airstrike successful to escape from the “Balkan cage” to India. Airstrikes can also be used as an aggressive maneuver, like Romania’s failed airstrike in Mexico and the current Thai one aimed at Texas. Montenegro intends to airstrike the USA too, with the law proposal currently being voted on in their Congress.

We hope that understanding these ingame mechanics make your ingame experience easier and more enjoyable. Please remember to post in the comments if you’d like the DoE to cover a particular subject.


Othere Day 2,034, 02:42

Now I understand the meaning of War and Peace!

Peppyy Day 2,034, 02:51

Comment deleted

Nyx Lynx
Nyx Lynx Day 2,034, 02:54

Montenegro just learnt how to do that 😛

spiderwii Day 2,034, 10:37

maybe they read the article and didn't believe what it said! and just wanted to test it for real 😃

RaccoonGoon Day 2,034, 02:55

Voted for a good article relevant to current events.

nuno258 Day 2,034, 03:06

i will add this article to my best articles list.


Naga Toba
Naga Toba Day 2,034, 05:21


Touche Awaay
Touche Awaay Day 2,034, 11:34

for my ishmael 😘**

biaxident Day 2,034, 13:49


Raven Anarcho
Raven Anarcho Day 2,034, 20:36

good article, v

Kero One
Kero One Day 2,035, 02:51

You need more education dear americans...

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,035, 19:35

How about a feature about RWs?

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