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[DoE] Updates on eNASA!

Day 2,221, 07:01 Published in USA USA by Department of Citizen Affairs

Today the Department of Education presents a couple updates on its current project.

eNASA Updates

We are just a few weeks into the month and the results of the new eNASA voting competition so far are tremendous! While we ran into some slight complications with the links given to AMP and USWP, but we were able to work those out and the vote tally was reset to begin on the 15th of the month (the ending date for this month’s contest will remain the same). So far, the number of votes we’ve gathered for eRepublik so far (from all the priority sites combined) came out to be 4,482 votes! Along with such a large number of votes came a good amount of gold from referrals, too. The results we have gotten so far have been amazing, but we still wish for you guys to continue voting for all sites (even if your party has its own link to compete for)--the more votes we get, the more people we bring to the eUSA!

Priority Sites
Vote LAP Vote AMP Vote Fed Vote USWP Vote WTP Vote Vote

Non-Priority Sites
Vote | Vote | Vote | Vote | Vote | Vote | Vote | Vote | Vote | Vote | Vote | Vote | Vote | Vote | Vote | Vote | Vote | Vote | Vote

eNASA Director

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-Alexandrer Coin
Secretary of Education

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