[DoE] Training Centers!

Day 2,457, 08:59 Published in USA USA by Department of Citizen Affairs

Author: dmjohnston

Today, a Training Ground upgrade sale is in effect. Accordingly, the Department of Education would like to present an explanation of strength training and the best way to use these.

There are four (4) different training grounds. Each one has a different cost to use each day, and each has four (4) different levels.

The first training ground, the Weights Room, is free to use and should ALWAYS be used every day, even if you haven’t upgraded it. Each day, the Weights Room will give you 5 strength multiplied by the upgrade level. For example, a Level 3 Weights Room gives 15 strength per day.

The second training ground is the Climbing Center. It costs 0.19 gold per use and gives 2.5 strength multiplied by the upgrade level.

Next is the Shooting Range. The cost for this training ground is 0.89 gold per use and it gives 5 strength multiplied by the upgrade level.

Last is the Special Forces Center. It costs a whopping 1.79 gold per use, but gives 10 strength multiplied by the upgrade level.

With full upgrades, you can gain 90 strength each day!

The best way to make the most of your gold is to fully upgrade your Weights Room first. Then, upgrade all other Training Grounds fully (saving your gold to do so), starting with the Climbing Center, then Special Forces Center, then Shooting Range, before you start using the ones that cost gold. REMEMBER! Only upgrade your training grounds during a sale:

Another important part of Training Ground usage is Training Contracts. About once a month, Training Contracts will be up for sale. Buying one of these contracts will reduce your daily cost by either 50 or 90%. The 90% Training Contract is worth getting if you have the gold and full upgrades. It makes training profitable assuming you also get your Hard Worker medal each month.

We all know that gold doesn’t grow on trees, and after your first few levels, it doesn’t come as fast as it does early on. How can you gain more gold faster to help you upgrade your training grounds? There are a number of great programs available in the eUS that do just that!

The Department of Interior has the Bank Up to Strength Up (BU2SU) program. To apply for BU2SU, simply follow this link and fill out the form at least 5 days out of 7. Anyone level 21 to 28 is eligible for BU2SU.

The United States Armed Forces offers the Department of Defense Strength Enhancement Program (DoDSEP). When D1 and low strength D2 players that work in USAF communes make their first supply request for the day, an allotment of 0.5 gold is automatically deposited into an account for their strength training. Every two weeks, the bulk amount is then sent to the player to save for the next upgrade sale. Apply to join USAF Flight Training and get started today

Easy Company’s Military Fitness Academy provides new EZC soldiers with gold to upgrade their training grounds. To be eligible, you must be a member of Easy Company and work in a commune there. For more information, contact Deepchill.

The Federalist Party’s Military Unit, S.H.I.E.L.D., sponsors the HAMMER program for its members. You can find more information about it here.

I hope that this article has been informative and helped prepare you for getting the most out of your strength training experience in eRepublik. Remember, low in level, high in strength. Save smart, Upgrade smart, and Train smart.

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