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[DoE] Training and Working with the DoE

Day 1,880, 13:35 Published in USA USA by Department of Citizen Affairs

This edition of Education Today focuses on Analyzing the 90% contract deal and Working for the DoE

Training Contracts
Written by Minister of Education Exploration

A lot of people say that one of the best things you can do is invest in your strength growth. When all of your training grounds are at level 4 you gain 90 strength per day from them. This rapid increase in strength costs 2.87 gold every day, which adds up very fast. The admins created something called Training Contracts that reduce the amount of gold used when training but are expensive to buy outright. They also last for 30 days and come in two varieties; 50% and 90% off of training costs.

“Are Contracts worth it?”
That is the question I hear a lot and its really about your opinion.

For me the answer is Yes, they are worth it... but you have all of your training grounds Q4 and use the 90% off training contract to get the most efficient deal. Lets do the math!

90% off training contract

Strength acquired in 30 days using all Q4 training grounds
-90 Strength per day from training camps for 30 days is 2700 Strength.

-1 Strength per day for training/working while every 5th day you get 5 strength (assuming you start your training contract on day one of the work/train reward) is 30 (5 days of 5 strength) + 25 (25 days of 1 strength) equals 55 strength for 30 days.

The cost of the strength acquired
Together that equates to 2755 Strength costing 8.61 gold (.287 cost of training/day* 30 days)
Without the training contract the strength would cost 86.1 (2.87 cost of training/day* 30 days)

Profit/Loss Explantion
That 2755 Strength will earn you 11 Medals resulting in an increase of 55 gold.

If you subtract the cost of the gold used to acquire that strength (8.61) from the profit made from medals (55) you earn a total of 46.39 gold.

This instance the 90% training contract being 53 gold results in a net loss of 6.61 gold for 30 days rather a net loss of 31.1 gold without a training contract saving you gold in the long run.

To calculate your own just fill in your numbers as needed, or contact me and I will work with you to come with a conclusion whether it is worth it for you or not to buy a training contract.

Working for the DoE

The DoE has switched hands recently but this time it has come a little abruptly... instead of someone stepping down they vanished. Due to this if you were working for the DoE in the past you must contact me to re-apply for your job.

Why work for the DoE?
Reason 1 – You get to work with me, Exploration
Reason 2 – The job is very very fulfilling, you're helping eMerica's younger generation learn the game and help them grow into a productive citizen
Reason 3 – This is a government job. You're stepping into government and you have to opportunity to move up and branch out

What jobs are there?
I need a Deputy Secretary , my right hand person willing to learn about the department. IRC is needed.
I need a Media organizer, also must be a person willing to learn about the department. IRC also needed.
And I need a bunch of writers, you must be willing to commit and communicate effectively.

You can contact me or find me on #DoE on IRC which is much more preferred.

Are you a new player? Do you have any questions about the game play or the community? Then sign up for the American University! You will receive an experienced and wise mentor to answer all your questions and help you through your eLife. It is a great way to make a friend and to get a head start in this competitive world! Sign up here: AU Application

As Always,



Please let me know any mistakes and they will be fixed. Thank you!

Training and Working with the Doe all in a days work

EnterAwesome Day 1,880, 13:49

Yeah! DoE! 😛

Kutluk Bilge Kul Anarsist
Kutluk Bilge Kul Anarsist Day 1,880, 14:08

Voted!Good Job

Iamnameless Day 1,880, 15:02


Sandukaani Day 1,880, 15:22


ligtreb Day 1,880, 15:24

Good info.

Arrden Day 1,880, 15:29


Kara Zor El
Kara Zor El Day 1,880, 16:27


HEARMERAWR Day 1,880, 17:08


fingerguns Day 1,880, 18:13

Voted up! Good work

Tiamati Day 1,880, 20:03

Good info; though given the target audience a tabular break-down showing potential losses through the contracts should be more heavily stressed through visual aides.

MazzyCat Day 1,880, 20:33

Meow! Gotta help the ebabies! 😃

redbirdusa Day 1,880, 20:45


Brave Fighter
Brave Fighter Day 1,881, 05:04


Training Calculator

DrAlchemy Day 1,881, 13:36

at what does it become profitable? I already have maxed out my free training and was thinking of upgrading my paid buildings all to level 2-3 before buying a contract. Would that be good?

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