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[DoE] The Path to Now

Day 2,381, 00:58 Published in USA USA by Department of Citizen Affairs

Department of Education is being run by Cholan and his Team for 2 Consecutive months and we are doing our best to make this Department’s Output as much as useful for both the new and old eUSA Citizens. We faced many good things and some bad ones too while building this path on making eUSA a much better place for its new members and citizens. We work for you and its your right to know what we have done and so here we are to share it.

American University

American University was active but due to some reasons we had to close it down for last few days for maintenance purposes. The guides, management, curriculum and everything needed a fresh start as many things have changed in eRepublik and things have to be changed accordingly. The American University will be open again in 1 or 2 days with a fresh start continuing its duty of teaching new members of eUSA.

As we said we are gonna start AU again freshly and so we need as much as mentors to be part of the Team too. If you are interested in becoming a Mentor teaching and playing an important role in making a new member to continue playing for eUSA, then this is the chance for you. You can apply for Mentor Position in AU in here and your application will be processed within 24 - 48 hours. Sorry that American University wants the old mentors who were part of American University to apply again too.

Personal Missions

The Round 2 of Personal Missions is open and you can read about it here. The Personal Missions Mission Completion Form is made available in the new Official Website of DoE. Talking about the Round 1, it got a huge participation this time than the previous months. We had around 125 and more Mission Completions. The new ‘Activity Mission’ got much responses than expected. Rewards are being sent fast now with m ore efficient and simpler system made for the QM. Dave Gulya, QM of DoE Team for many months is doing a marvellous job in sending rewards and supplies. Sending rewards to many people everyday is not a simple job and he really deserves much more than appreciation. If you are interested in becoming part of Events Team of DoE, you can always post your application in here and this form will be always available at the Official Website of DoE.

The New Official Website

We are pretty sure that you have would heard about the new website of DoE in the latest WHPR Article or in Shouts. If you didn’t heard about it, then you can visit it at anytime. DoE received complaints from various members on the old DoE Website being inactive and almost dead. Its our duty to address everyone’s complaints and here we came with the new website. We are planning to make it as much as active and updating it daily.

Features of the new Website
* Access all the guides published by DoE and other guides written by others submitted to DoE in ‘Guides’ section of the Website.
* Get the latest news from not only DoE but from other Departments too in ‘Latest News’ section and ‘Notice Board’ available at the Home Page of the website.
* Everyone can now access the Personal Missions Form, ERICA, Join DoE Team Application and AU Enrollment Form through the website itself instead of having separate links for them.
* Get the general information about eUSA Government both the Legislative and Executive in much informative way in the ‘Information Desk’ page.
* Links to almost everything useful for both new and old members are being added to the ‘Links’ section of the Website.
* Now everyone can submit guides written by them to DoE at the ‘Guides’ section of the Website, which will be then verified by the DoE Team and then will be put on display in the ‘Guides’ Section along with the author name.

DoE Treasury

Department of Education’s main expense for this and the last month is for Personal Missions. Here is the report on expenses of DoE on various things from April 5 (last term).

Personal Missions
April 5 - May 5
Food (Rewards) - 4975 Q5 Food
CC (Rewards) - 1175 CC

May 5 - Today
Food (Rewards) - 11760 Q5 Food
CC (Rewards) - 3800 CC

Writer of the Week (April 5 - May 5)
Weapons (Rewards) - 60 Q7
Gold (Rewards) - 30 G

American University (April 5 - Today)
CC (For Rewards) - 1000 CC

CC (For buying Article Votes) - 1500 CC

We like to share our complete Ledger containing our all Funds Details on where we spent it and where we got it from but we also not to prefer share more details in public and so if you are a eUSA Citizen and since you have the right to know what we do, you can always contact the Department Secretary regarding it and he will be glad to report you on everything as we prefer transparency on both small and bigger things we do.

Along with the things above, we also would like to share that we had new article published from DoE for at least every 2 days including guides, events, meet the parties and others. We can also gladly say that this term including the previous month were one of the most interactive DoE terms of eUSA with us communicating to new members as they join, guiding them, accepting advises from previous DoE team and always getting suggestions from various members across eUSA through various sources and also implementing them accordingly.

We end this article here. Its our duty and we are proud to serve for eUSA and we hope our works satisfy the needs of eUS Government and the citizens. We are always open in having new members in our team and hearing out your suggestions.

If you have any query regarding the game, the events or anything, you can always post it to ERICA and you will be contacted regarding it through an in-game message.

Visit our official website:
Free source of guides, information and for everything related to Department of Education.

Join DoE Team
Apply here or message the Department Secretary

American University: Free mentor!
Sign up to receive a mentor here!
Sign up to be a mentor here!

Erica, created to be the place for everything related to DoE. You can post a queries, suggestions or job application to her.

Events and Programs taking place in eUSA will be updated to her so that she can share it with everyone. Do you run or represent an event or a program which is useful for eUSA members, then do submit it to her so that she can share it too.

You can always access ERICA at or the Official Website of DoE.

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[DoE] The Path to Now
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