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[DoE] The Party President Position

Day 2,487, 17:14 Published in USA USA by Department of Citizen Affairs

Before we start this article I would like to remind all players about DoE’s personal missions which is back again after months.

What are Missions?

Missions are tasks, both big and small, that citizens can complete to gain rewards (anything from mere experience points to rare items). They vary in difficulty. Indeed, the rewards provided often serve as an effective means of teaching new citizens how to play the game in addition to incentivizing the completion various important tasks.

With 7 Missions and big rewards, it will be open from Day 2454 to Day 2463. Each missions has its own requirements with a common requirement of being an eUS Citizen.

Since it is back after months, depending on the activity and success of the Program, we will expand it and adjust the rewards in the following rounds.

To know all about it, the missions and to access the mission completion form, you can visit DoE's Official Website.

Party Presidentship Explained

With Party President elections near, this article aims to inform the reader about the ingame mechanics related to being a Party President, as well as the metagame responsibility that Party Presidents in eUSA hold.

Ingame Functions

Party Presidents are in charge of several responsibilities ingame which include:

-Edit the party details

-Select who will run for Congress from party which they can do on the 24th only.

-Select who will represent their party in the presidential elections which must be done by the 2nd day of each month.

-Appoint and give out titles for party executive members though it won’t provide them with any additional features but its just titles to represent that they are the cabinet members of their party.

Party Presidents also deal with several metagame functions in this game, which seek to build up the community in their parties and the country in general including hosting trivia and poker nights for their party members, free giveaways of food and weapons for younglings in the party and various inter- and intra-party contests.

Fighting the PTO

This gives the Party Presidents a huge amount of power, particularly with the changes in Congressional elections. A long time ago, we saw the adverse effects of electing an enemy of the state as a Party President, when the American Military Party was taken over by a Serb.

With eUSA under a critical internal threat because of the huge amount of hostile foreigners with citizenship here, we as American citizens need to fully support our non PTO parties in every way possible. To avoid a possible division of votes on election day, it is best to withdraw candidacy incase you haven’t won your party’s primary before the 15th, so that the official candidate is able to win with ease and votes can be better spent to fight the PTO.

What happens if there are no candidates for party president?
The sitting party president continues his or her post.

What happens if the party president is banned, dies, or resigns?
The Party member with the next highest Experience points becomes the party president.

What happens if the party president is banned, dies, or resigns, and there are no party members with high enough experience to become the party president?
The party is suspended.

Who can run for the Party President?
To run for party president:
* You must be a member of the party
* Sign up by 23:59 in the 14th of the month
* Have an experience level of at least 16

Can a Party President be impeached?
No, there is no way to impeach a Party’s President like Country President and so the party members are always advised to vote accordingly to prevent PTO

If you have any query regarding the game, the events or anything, you can always post it to ERICA and you will be contacted regarding it through an in-game message.



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Great stuff!

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