[DoE] The Federalist Party

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The same set of questions was asked of each party representative. In choosing representatives, I simply took anyone from the “leadership” of the party. Then I took quotes from other people about the party.

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For my Fed interview, I chose to interview New Azazel. He is a longtime Fed and member of EZC, the federalist MU.

1. Why did you join this Party?

The Feds seemed the most inviting to new players, as well as the most supportive. I desired an environment where I would be encouraged and promoted. Feds also appeared to be the most organized and active party at first glance. EZC was also very appealing to me.

2. What does this party do for the eUSA as a whole?

Quite a bit. We promote new player activity and provide a community for those wanting to get engaged. We're also affiliated with the EZC which has been gearing towards the younger folks lately in helping them get their ranks up. Look at our older players and most of us are involved in national affairs and decision making at a fairly high level. We always have several cabinet officials and heavily involved players.

3. What are the main principles that guide your party?

Government integrity, fairness, openness, inclusiveness, and support. We desire to help those who ask and make this a better game in any way we can involve ourselves, whether that is politically at a national and party level, militarily with EZC, or socially through media promotion and fun.

4. What does this party do for its members?

Provide encouragement and supply where we can. We've had several supply programs for members of any age, and we always push forward the actions and aspirations of our members. We also invite any member to join EZC and get a regular supply of tanks and/or food provided they commune and get an avatar, though you don't even have to be a Fed to join the EZC.

5. What does this party do to get players (especially newer ones) involved?

We actively recruit newer members to get involved at the party level, and the EZC does provide a community and system which accustoms players to the game at a higher level. We also encourage people to use the Fed forums and communicate frequently in a friendly environment. We also reach out to our members to notify them of any national programs or jobs that might arise.

What do others say about the Federalist Party?

"We're so proud it makes us horny"- Jefferson Locke