[DoE] The American Military Party

Day 1,918, 13:03 Published in USA USA by Department of Citizen Affairs

The same set of questions was asked of each party representative. In choosing representatives, I simply took anyone from the “leadership” of the party. Then I took quotes from other people about the party.


For my AMP Interview, I did a double interview with Emdoublegee and Dr Luis Sentieiro.


1. Why did you join this Party?

There were some great leaders when I started playing the game...the first few people I met that showed me the ropes were from this party, so this is where I joined. I wasn't dissapointed

2. What does this party do for the eUSA as a whole?

This party definitely amps (see what I did there?) this country up....AMP does a stellar job getting new players into party leadership, which prepares them for country leadership. if you look at who has held federal roles recently, you see a ton of those names are from AMP. and I expect you to see many more in the coming months!


3. What are the main principles that guide your party?

As the name says, the party represents the military, doesn't matter if it's USAF, JCS or whatever, all soldiers are represented here. I also believe in the values of fairness, leadership and a good ethical code. I do believe the AMP has everything to be the greatest party in the whole eUSA!

4. What does this party do for its members?

AMP has a lot of programs such as games nights, radio shows, media departments, food and tank giveaways and battle buddies. We also have some mentorship programs for newer players in order to get them to understand the meta-game and the mechanics. Ultimately, we do support talent within the party, if someone proves their valor, they'll likely get high leadership roles such as Party Presidency or even big federal roles! AMP has the fame of training very reliable cabinet members and I do hope we continue that. - DLS

5. What does this party do to get players (especially newer ones) involved?

We have mentorship programs, radio shows, food and tank giveaways and games night! We also have a friendly leadership to welcome our new players! 🙂

What do others say about the AMP?

"The best Party ever, I am in love with the AMP"- Black Baroness

"The AMP is a party that allows any member to have a voice within the party"- Potato134

"The AMP is an all-inclusive, all-you-can-eat friendship & progress buffet"- Evry

"The AMP is the party where your thoughts and voice are given consideration every single day, where you are welcomed into a friendly environment and provided so many opportunities to progress!"- John Killah