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Day 1,818, 12:23 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by Trogdorthetroll100

Welcome all to the re-introduction of the ambassador program. I have been given the privilege of running the ambassador program, as mentioned by Monsieur Guillotine.

This program is essential to our status as a nation. Ambassadors are vital to our communication around the world. It's also a great way to get into politics and establish a international friend base. I would like that anyone interested in an ambassadorship send me a private message containing details on which countries you might like to serve as ambassador to, and what qualifies you to serve as ambassador to those nations in particular. Your character is more important to me than your exp. While being an ambassador, your most important duty is to maintain a relationship with the administration of the state. If the need ever arises to cooperate with that nation, which is vital in this time of warfare, you must be our go-between, comfortable with them enough already so that we are not approaching each other as strangers. Being an ambassadors is an important part of government, and is a great experience. Plus, you get paid 1000 CC if your article is the best article written, and if it lives up to the requirements. These requirements you will be told of, if, you message me!

More details are included in private conversation. Don’t just consider it, message me now! Do not pass on this opportunity to serve Switzerland!

~T3 (TrogdorTheTroll100)


Monsieur Guillontine
Monsieur Guillontine Day 1,818, 12:26

My name is Monsie, and I support this message.

Fronte Anarchico eItaliano
Fronte Anarchico eItaliano Day 1,818, 12:38


David North
David North Day 1,818, 14:29


Rican Day 1,818, 22:57

My friends.... Switzerland is a small country. We count on our friends around the world for support.
That is why being an Ambassador is so important. If you already have friends in another country please consider being the Swiss Ambassador to that country.
It is an important international position and we need your help.

vasmegye Day 1,819, 15:22

My name is vasmegye, I am inactive a bit, but I support this msg.

sgtchewy Day 1,819, 15:37

I'll be an long as it doesn't require me to move.

010 Timi
010 Timi Day 1,819, 22:30


I wonder if there can be an ambassador from another country?

Plainswalker Day 1,819, 22:41

I can be your eAmbasador in eMacedonia if you want. Already did the same thing in the other direction for many months. Now that relations are friendly it would be an easy task as well.

badastor Day 1,821, 14:56

I badastor and play actively.
I'm a fan of
Rican and Monsie!
Therefore, I support the msg!

Rican Day 1,822, 23:45

any fan of Rican is a friend of mine
: P

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