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[DoE] New Quick-Guides!

Day 1,998, 18:38 Published in Australia Australia by Aus Ministry of Culture

Hello eAustralians,
As a way to ensure that all new players find it easy to access guides on how to actually.. well.. do things, we've managed to create some new icons for the footer of every article made, similar to what we already have.

You can find these new image-links below, just above the old ones (which will remain as they are).

- Minister of Education

Quick-Start Guides

The eAustralian National Library

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MrCooke Day 1,998, 20:27

Couldn't have put it better.

lancer450 Day 1,999, 00:04

Voted. : )

MrCooke Day 1,999, 00:33

Why thank you 🙂

Binda33 Day 1,999, 09:41

MrCooke, your MU unit link links to a Job Market tutorial...

MrCooke Day 1,999, 12:28

Yea, unfortunately, due to the fact that the images are automatically set to have a gap above/below them, I have to remake and re-order them 😑

Binda33 Day 2,000, 07:34

Seems easy to me:

Binda33 Day 2,000, 07:34

Binda33 Day 2,000, 07:34

darn. it won't let me put the new button here for you.

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