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Official ePH Department Education Newspaper, Day 1,334

This article will cover everything you need to know to fight correctly in this world war. Fighting in our wars can feel like an overwhelming concept at first, but it doesn't have to be. This article will teach you what's on the battle screen, how battle mechanics work, and where to go for any resource you need to fight.

1. Preperation

#1 rule of fighting: never fight unless you can actively produce or buy enough food to heal back to 100.

You can recover up to 100 health every hour by eating food. To do the most efficient amount of damage, you'll need to use the 300 health you can get from food everyday. Obviously you can finance your bloodthirst yourself by buying it from the marketplace, but that can get mighty expensive.

A better route is to join a military unit. Here's all of the MUs available for you in Philippines:

ePhilippines Armed Forces: AFP Application

Military units will give you a ton of free food in exchange for working in a government/private company. If it's your first time around the block and you're not ready to join one of these prestigious organizations, fear not, no one falls through the cracks. Use PIA to get your fill as well. You can do modest damage without a weapon, if you need to attack right this second.

Then, all you need to do is find a battlefield to fight in. Please read Philippines Battle orders to find out where your damage can help the most (unless you're in a military unit, then listen to your superior officer if he gives you different orders). See this article about using your damage efficiently if you haven't.

2. Contributing
When you pick and open a battle, you'll immediately get matched up with an enemy when you enter a battlefield. This bad guy will represent an enemy troop, complete with a unit of their own, skill level and health bar.

Click to enlarge.

To do influence and move the influence bar in your favor, you need to kill the enemy. Everytime you click the fight button, you will lose 10 health and take a chunk out of the enemy's health. An enemy with full health will take 3 to 5 hits to kill, depending on their weapon. Don't fight unless you have the food to heal back to 100 after killing that enemy. After he goes down...

You'll get your influence, which grows your country's bar and helps your team win the current battle. You'll also get one experience point everytime you pressed fight in that battle. You must destroy your enemy to get awarded your influence and XP, so make sure to plan ahead.

3. The Influence Bar

These 3 steps represent the tiers of combat, influence is done by players and moves the bar for their country. When the country controls the influence bar, they get victory points every minute based on this scale:

1800 victory points wins a round, and 8 rounds wins the battle.

Click to enlarge.

You should always look at the influence bar before jumping into a battle. If a side already has 1790 victory points, wait for the next round. If your country has the bar all the way at 100%, you don't really need to pile on at that moment. Fighting smart will help your country more than any tank you buy.

Once a country has won 8 rounds, the region is conquered (if it's an attacker victory) or secured (defender victory).

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[UPDATE] Since using local currency in moving is implemented, please see additional info below:

-1 Zone needs 20 PHP (local currency) or Q1 MT (if it is still available in the market, usually cheaper than 20 local currency).
-2 Zones need 40 PHP (local currency) or Q2 MT (if it is still available in the market, usually cheaper than 40 local currency).
-3 Zones need 60 PHP (local currency) or Q3 MT (if it is still available in the market, usually cheaper than 60 local currency).
-4 Zones need 80 PHP (local currency) or Q4 MT (if it is still available in the market, usually cheaper than 80 local currency).
-5 Zones need 100 PHP (local currency) or Q5 MT (if it is still available in the market, usually cheaper than 100 local currency).

To know the required local currency needed or quality of MT needed, please see the table below.

From Philippines, if I want to go to Japan, I will need 20 PHP or Q1 MT. (B5 to B5)
From Philippines, if I want to go to China, I will need 40 PHP or Q2 MT. (B5 to B4)
From Philippines, if I want to go to Singapore, I will need 60 PHP or Q3 MT. (B5 to C4)
And so on...

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