[DoE] New Citizen Education: Firsts Steps in eRepublik

Day 1,328, 03:30 Published in Philippines Canada by Elari Reili


Official ePH Department Education Newspaper, Day 1,324

Your first few days in eRepublik can be harrowing days. A lot of citizens find themselves trapped with no money and no health from fighting. It's easy to screw yourself right off the bat in this game, there's no sign telling you "don't fight unless you can afford the food to heal back to 90+ health", even though there should be.

Luckily for you, citizen, the Department of Education is here to walk you through those days, and before you'll know it, we'll get you supplied, integrated, and ready to fight for the greatest eNation in the world.

You will be sure to enter the game page. To access your profile, click on the top left of your name or picture on it. The new players start their e-lives following parameters:

You receive 5 PHP from Country, for starting.

First steps

1. Avatar

Select from the top right Edit Profile. There you can change your avatar. Choose an avatar, to confirm the choice with password, and click Save Changes. After you upload your avatar, you receive 2 Experience points.

2. Find a job

To earn some money, go to Market > Job Market, there you will find ePhilippines job offers. Every company have a stars these show the compay level (quality). We recommend you to take offer which is less than two stars, because the higher the stars are then the higher is the wellness loss. Find your perfect job and then click Apply.

3. Working
You can work by visiting your land and then clicking on the work button (an icon of a hammer) above each company you own or work for. You can also work by pointing your mouse on the company land and then clicking the first icon (also an icon of a hammer) under it. You will see the final results of your productivity, as well as a message with more detailed information:

You get your salary - minus the taxes and 2 Experience points.

(or EP, or XP) represent the knowledge level that a citizen reached in eRepublik. Experience points will help you unlock features within eRepublik, such as fighting in wars or running for elections. If you don't have the necessary amount of EP to use a feature, you will receive a message to inform you how many more EP you need and how you could obtain them and unlock features.

Working and training
If possible, find a few minutes each day to work in eRepublik. If you work 30 days in a row, you get Hard Worker medal and get 5Gold. You start over again if you forget to work. Beware! You also lose the health to restore health, read below.

4. Training
Train is a process of increasing your strength. You can train once a day in each training facility in your land by clicking the building.

In addition, you can build the three additional buildings, to get more power per day. (Read more here) are not recommended for newbies to build more expensive train facilities than 100 PHP, because gold is very valuable in this game.

Each player in eRepublik can invite more players in game. Go to Community > Invite friends to read more. You can earn gold for every invited friend. Important! A user can only control one citizen account at a time. If a player has more than one citizen account under their control then these accounts are referred to as multiple accounts or multi-accounts or multis or multies. Multiple accounts are illegal and will result in a permanent suspension from the game.

Training increases your Strength. This is going to need for fights against your enemy. The stronger you are, the more you can do damage to your enemy. Therefore, training each day is recommended. When training you can lose 1 to 4 health points (each training facilities takes 1 health point) and earn 4 EP (Experience points). Important! You get every 250 Strength Super Soldier medal and 5Gold.

Daily reward
Once you have trained and worked you get small prize. Go to the top left of page and click Get a Reward. Click there and you get a small bonus.

5. Buy food and restore your health
After working, training and fighting you lose health, to restore your health buy food. You can buy food Market > Marketplace. Click Food and then choose what quality of food you want (but do not forget that food costs).

Restores 2 health
Restores 4 health, but it costs more.

If you're bought the food, press Eat the button on the left side. Important! The system restores your health up to 100 or as far up the food continues. Food should be eaten, preferably early in the day (prior to any action).

Also you can sell your food in Marketplace. Go to My Land > Storage

6. Missions
Missions are little or bigger tasks that can be done by citizens. Citizens get rewards for completing missions. Beginner missions teach the new citizens their daily routines. There are 6 missions for beginners.

eRepublik Basics

Work and train every day!

An important part of the game is the fighting! Soon I'll add tutorial !

If you have a health problem, contact with ePhilippines Internal Affairs

You looking some one who can help? We have mentor program, where experienced players can help. Click here
Montetary market - Every country have their own currency. Gold is a universal currency that can be spent in many places, and when you reach level 15, you can sell/buy gold and currency.

Storage - Pressing Shift + S you see your own storage. There are all your possessions, also you have chance to sell your possessions (before selling check market prices).

My Land - My Land is the first button on the top menu bar. You get there by pressing Shift + L. Where are all the companies with which you're connected, including a warehouse and a training place. My Land will take you to an alternative to all the above mentioned places.

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Minister of Education
Elari Reili