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[DoE] Kody5 Avatar Auction

Day 1,994, 15:03 Published in USA USA by Department of Citizen Affairs

With tax revenues falling, and the value of Country Currency and Weapons Raw Material skyrocketing, the government has been tasked with finding money any way that it can. Congress recently raised VAT tax on food by 2%, the Department of the Interior held a fundraiser to ensuring iit’s long-term survival. Now we turn our focus on the Department of Education.

The DoE publishes tutorial articles, and runs contests that highlight our newer players. A sure-fire way to get newfriends to participate in DoE contests is by offering generous prizes, for the winners and all participants. We want to be rewarding effort and activity, no? Newfriends need to see these articles. Votes ensure visibility, but votes (unfortunately) are not cheap.

What is there to do?

What prize can we give away that would be worth the money participants will be spending, but will not cost the government money to procure?

Look at this boring avatar! Looks ripe for a change ^__^

kody5, Secretary of Homeland Security (among others, stay tuned), has agreed to lend his avatar for the purpose of raising funds. That’s right, should you win the contest detailed below, you can determine what image kody5 uses as his avatar for a full week. What can be better? Obviously we don’t want kody5 banned, so no images that violate the Terms of Service. Other than that, if you win, you’ll be given carte blanche... kody5 will be your avatar slave!

A contest such as this cannot be held in the game, so if you are interested in dictating how kody5 displays himself to the New World, visit one of these threads with more information!!!

Official eUSA Forums
Federalist Party Forum
AMP Forum

Your’s in the name of Fun,




Othere Day 1,994, 15:07

First of many! DoE does great work, keep it up!

Strength and Honour

Ramirez.Andres Day 1,994, 16:01


Bucephalus92 Day 1,994, 16:38

Voted, nice fun way to raise some money.

Arrden Day 1,994, 17:07

DoE o/

Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Day 1,994, 17:59

DoE \o/

Funlooker Day 1,994, 19:15

DoE \o/

Fun \o/

crashthompson. Day 1,994, 20:56

Only one week!!!

Come on.

Anyway, good idea.

DoE does good work.

Dogpyle Day 1,994, 21:15


theAbsynthius Day 1,995, 15:05


Clydeo Day 1,995, 19:27

I remember this being discussed in my congress term in january

DariusReg Day 1,996, 01:03

I want a contest about dictating to Ajax to stay off eRep for a week.... I would pay gold for that haha

EddyTX Day 1,996, 05:30


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