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[DoE] Kill Snowmen!!!

Day 2,212, 05:36 Published in Australia Australia by Aus Ministry of Finance

With the winter finally here, in the northern hemisphere, Plato has decided to release his snowmen again this year. Similar to last year your objective is to kill them all!!! Well kill them before they kill you...

To find these sneaky snowmen you will have to kill 25 enemies on the battlefield. After which time the next enemy will be a snowman.

After killing this abominable snowman you will be sufficiently awarded with a tasty winter treat. It is basically half an energy bar and will heal 50 energy. Csanat and Binda ate the other half of each of your winter treats. Complaints can be sent directly to them.

Don't forget that these tasty winter treats will expire on day 2239. So just make sure they don't go to waste.

Now go out and make sure you slay all them snowmen. Make eAustralia proud!!!


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Gabriel R. Mandarino
Gabriel R. Mandarino Day 2,212, 05:43

POLE, This is John Snowmen Night Guard or is it that John Snowmen filter on classified intelligence information from the U.S.?

Jisugej Day 2,212, 06:00

I told Binda not to eat them all, but she said it is going to be fine:) We are in trouble least the other half is still there:)

ForTeaSicks Day 2,212, 06:56

I guess 50 energy will just have to do. 😃

Binda33 Day 2,212, 20:45

They weren't even that nice. I gave some to my cats and even they weren't impressed.

Tim_Holtz Day 2,212, 14:07

i like how somehow snowmen exist in the 40 degree heat of the Australian summer lol

Jisugej Day 2,212, 14:20

easier to kill right?🙂

Tim_Holtz Day 2,212, 22:37

if only xD

Majester Day 2,213, 23:58

I fear the Yellow Snowmen the most.

Guagature Day 2,213, 01:24

Generally they are not an issue if you have created them yourself, it is only when someone else has produced them that you should be worried.

PS. don't eat them

Binda33 Day 2,213, 05:25

I hear that yellow snowcones are the worst.

ForTeaSicks Day 2,214, 00:15

What are you talking about. I love me some lemonade flavoured snow cones.

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