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[DoE] Guide to Congress!

Day 2,462, 17:50 Published in USA USA by Department of Citizen Affairs

Hello everyone,

With Congress Election coming up, lets have a brief look at the Congress and responsibilities you will be having as a Congressman. Good luck on the elections and hope eUS has a wonderful Congress for this term.

As a congressman, you can be part of deciding things which are going to affect our Country ending up in positive and sometimes negative effects. So before deciding whatever as Congressman, we should be discussing it with other Congressman and sometimes getting guidance from senior members.

As you have won the Congress Elections, the first step will be signing in eUSA Forums. You will be sent a link of forum thread where you should be reporting as a Congressman. Forums play an very important role being an Congressman since all the discussions on everything relating to making major and minor decisions in Government takes place in there and even if you are not much active in forums I advice to be active in forums just for this and spend some minutes daily in there.

Soon after the results of Congress Elections, a small voting will take place in forums to select the SoH (Speaker of House).

If you have something good in your mind, you can make it open for discussion in the Congress Forums and it will be proposed depending on the responses from the other Congressmen. I am saying again, Discussing with other is one the major thing a Congressman should adapt to make his term as Congressman a successful one.

Things a Congressman can do includes

Change Taxes
This law can passed to change taxes like proposing law to change VAT for certain things or changing Import Tax. Can not be lower than 1% and higher than 99% for Import Tax or 25% for VAT or 50% for Income Tax. Raw materials have no VAT. The law will be passed if it gets majority 'YES'.

Country donations
Transfer money or gold from the eUSA's treasury to an organization. It is often used to transfer funds from treasury to any other department's organization. During the twenty-four hour voting period the proposed currency due for donation is "frozen" and rendered unusable. The law will be passed if it gets majority 'YES'.

Minimum wage
Change the minimum employee salary given by companies. Can not be lower than 0.10 units of local currency. The law will be passed if it gets majority 'YES'.

Issue money
Take gold from the treasury and replace it as money. Includes paying a transaction tax of which is deducted at a rate of 0.005 gold per 1 unit of money.

President Impeachment
Remove the President and replace him with whichever previous presidential candidate received the second-highest vote score. Requires 66% of Congress votes to be passed.

Natural enemy
Congressman or President can propose neighboring country as their natural enemy. If agreed, a free war will be started with the natural enemy. The proposing country citizens will get +10% bonus while fighting against their natural enemy.

Granting citizenship
Congressmen are able to grant citizenship to foreign citizens that intend to enter a country. The number of CS passes per Congressman is based on the amount of votes cast in the Congressional elections. I advise you not to give CS unless IES said you to do it. PTOers will try to bribe you and do any thing to make Congressman to get illegal persons into our Country which is a serious threat to our nation, so please don't give CS to anyone just because he is offering you something or forcing you.

Congressman can propose only 2 laws in a term but can vote in as much as laws being proposed.

The voting process period for each law is 24 hours. In order for a law to pass, the majority of votes must be in-favor and the law will be rejected even if its an tie. An exception is the President Impeachment law, that requires 66% in-favor votes out of the expressed votes.

Important things to be noted as a Congressman

Activity on Forums and IRC
It is critically important for a congress member to be active in both Forums and IRC. Even spending some minutes is good. You just need to be updated on whats happening in our nation and actively participate in discussions taking place in forums

Law Proposals
Discussing, proposing law proposals and voting on them is a very important aspect of being a congress member. However, they are sometimes misused mainly because the congressmen are new and don’t know much about the laws and propose things accidentally. For the benefit of everyone each proposal are Discussed and proposed in forums and then in eRepublik. This is to ensure proposals are not wasted and not to result in confusion in Congress. Ask an experienced player again if you are confused on what to do.

Citizenship Passes
Congress members can grant citizenship to any citizen belonging to another country. This power is highly important to the nation. Under no circumstances approve citizenship to anyone just because he rewards you or force you. Please do read IES Regulation on accepting citizens and follow it. This is for the security purposes of eUSA, so please avoid accepting any unapproved citizens.
Read this thread available in the forums to get a complete knowledge on CS Approval Rules

If you have any query regarding the game, the events or anything, you can always post it to ERICA and you will be contacted regarding it through an in-game message.

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Erica, created to be the place for everything related to DoE. You can post a queries, suggestions or job application to her.

You can always access ERICA at

*[DoE] Guide to Elections


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