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[DoE] Guide to Companies & Their usage!

Day 2,466, 10:11 Published in USA USA by Department of Citizen Affairs

Today I present to you a guide on Companies and their usage as well as working in General.

Your workplace, which will always the building in the top left corner, is where you work for a salary. If you choose to be in a military unit or militia (you should, it's free stuff just for defending America), your workplace will likely be a commune. Working costs 10 health.

Storage buildings determine how much raw materials and finished products you can carry with you. Products on the marketplace take up storage space until they're sold. You start with 1,000 storage space for free, and can increase it by paying $750 for 1,000 more or 35 gold for 9,000 more. You can check what's in your storage and how much you have left at any time by pressing Shift-S.

You start out the game with three grain farms and a Q1 food factory for free. You can work at these for 10 health each. Working at the grain farms will give you Food Raw Materials, which you can then spend by working at the food factory, which will give you Q1 food. Each unit of Q1 food restores 2 health. Your own production of these food units should be enough to satisfy your 100 health restore limit. You'll need to build more or bigger businesses as your health limit increases.

Note: Even though you can hire workers at these businesses, you will not turn a profit while paying salaries. You should only work in these yourself.

There are five companies you can buy that can produce Food Raw Materials (FRM) for use in food factories. Each of them is representative of a food resource. Each food resource owned by the U.S. will increase your productivity by 20%. If you don't know how resources work, check out the Region Resources article.

The top number is the base amount of FRM production, the bottom number is the cost of construction.

Weapon Raw Material (WRM) companies have the same effect as FRM companies, other than, you know, making WRMs.

The top number is the base amount of WRM production, the bottom number is the cost of construction.

These will consume FRMs that you buy or produce and turn them into usable food products. Food is used by fighters, managers, and yourself to heal the damage they take from working and fighting. A Q1 food factory can be purchased for 10 gold and makes 100 units (200 health worth) of Q1 food. Food factories are affected by region resources in the same way FRM companies are.

After purchasing a factory, it can be upgraded to higher quality for a lump sum of gold. Each quality upgrade will increase the quality of the food made, which makes it restore more health per unit. You will always produce a base amount of 100 units when you work, no matter what quality the company is.

Click to enlarge. The top amount is how much health one unit is worth, the middle is how much it costs to upgrade from Q1, and the bottom amount is how much health you will ultimately produce. Note that even though high quality factories can give yourself more health with less working, higher quality food is virtually useless to other players on the marketplace.

Weapon plants produce weapons and consume WRMs. Weapons are used to increase the damage of fighters. Weapon factories make a base of 10 products instead of 100, and are affected by region resources just like food factories. Unlike food factories, higher quality weapon products become more useful (and sellable) than their lower quality counterparts, making them a better investment for players with a lot of gold to burn.

Click to enlarge. The top amounts are how much of a % damage is boosted and how many hits one unit can take and the bottom amount is how much it costs to upgrade from a Q1 factory.

And that's all you need to know about Companies! Thanks for reading!

If you have any query regarding the game, the events or anything, you can always post it to ERICA and you will be contacted regarding it through an in-game message by a DoE Staff.



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