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Day 2,096, 22:11 Published in USA USA by Department of Citizen Affairs

Are you a new player? Need a little extra advice about how to play the game? The following is a compilation of some of the most common questions from new citizens of the eRepublik.

Q. Where and when should I fight?
A. The eUS Department of Defense (DoD) publishes a list of the most critical battles in this newspaper; if you’re not sure where to fight, following these orders is always a safe bet. You can fight whenever you have enough energy. Make sure you have (or are able to obtain) enough food to restore enough energy to work and train the next day.

Protip: Voting for the most current DoD article makes it easier for other new players to find battle orders (by keeping the articles in the top 5).

Q. How do I get food and weapons?
A. You can buy food and weapons from the marketplace or produce them by working in one of your own factories. Many military units (MUs) provide supplies to their members to boost their overall damage. There are also a number of free supply programs in the eUSA, designed to help new players survive in the eWorld.

The eUS Department of the Interior (DoI) currently offers the following assistance programs:

Meals on Wheels (level 25 and under)
Moving cost program (all levels)
BankUp2StrengthUp (levels 21-28)
IRC incentives program (levels 20-29)

Political parties also offer free supplies from time to time, although they often require membership status in order to receive the full amount.

Q. What is an MPP?

A. MPP stands for “Mutual Protection Pact,” a short-term military alliance between two countries. Once both countries’ congresses accept an MPP, citizens from each of the two countries can aid each other in battle for the duration of the alliance (30 days, unless terminated prematurely) without having to leave their country of citizenship.

Q. How fast should I level up?
A. Leveling up is very easy when you start out as a new player (it gets harder as you level up further). However, you’ll want to level up slowly in the beginning and build your strength by training every day.

Protip: While producing your own supplies by working in your own starter companies may sound appealing, it can cause you to level up faster than working for someone else’s company would.

Q. Should I ever skip a day of training to save energy?
A. No. It’s important to build your strength as much as possible so that you can become a better fighter. Players with highest strength in their military division find it easiest to obtain Battle Hero achievements, earning more gold, more often.

Q. When should I use energy bars?
A. Don’t use energy bars until you’re ready to try for a Battle Hero (BH) achievement. In the meantime, stockpile them like your life depends on it.

Q. How should I spend my money in-game?
A. There are two forms of currency in the eRepublik: gold and country currency (CC).

Gold: As a general rule of thumb, try not to spend your gold until you’ve gained enough experience and knowledge of game mechanics to invest it wisely. An exception to this rule might be to create a newspaper.

Protip: As a new player, try to use your free training center as much as possible, and upgrade it only when eRepublik offers its monthly 45%-off sale.

Country currency: Your country currency (US dollars, in this case) should be used sparingly, as well. You may well need it to buy food in case of emergency.

Q. How do I vote?
A. Once you’ve reached 50 strength, you will be granted the right to vote as an “adult” citizen of the eRepublik. Elections occur three times a month (on the 5th, 15th, and 25th of each month) and can be accessed via the “Elections” option on the “Community” dropdown menu. In addition, a banner with a link to the election page will appear on your homepage when it is time to vote.

Q. How can I tell who else is online in the eUSA?
A. This link takes you to a list of online players in the eUSA. They are sorted by level; the most experienced players will appear on the list’s first pages, and the newest players will appear on the list’s last pages.

More questions? Feel free to contact me for more information.

Respectfully yours,

Secretary of Education

DoE Programs

American University: Free mentor!
Sign up to receive a mentor here!
Sign up to be a mentor here!

IRC Incentives Program: Free tanks + food!*
Visit our IRC channel (#eUSA-DoE) and answer the question of the day to receive a reward!

*Citizens under level 30 will receive 5 Q7 tanks and a small portion of Q7 food. All others will receive 5 Q7 tanks.

DoI Programs

Meals on Wheels: Free food!
1. Be a US citizen at level 25 or under
2. Grab your profile ID (this is the number at the end of your citizen profile page url)
3. Go to: (once per day)

Bank Up 2 Strength Up: Free gold!
1. Be a US citizen at or between levels 21 - 28
2. Do not belong to the AFA or any anti-American group (party or MU)
3. Apply at:
4. Fill out the form DAILY (after using training grounds) to receive weekly payment

IRC Incentives Program: Free food + tanks!
1. Be a US citizen between levels 20-29
2. Do not belong to AFA or any anti-American group (Party or MU)
3. Visit this IRC Channel and talk to a DoI staffer

Moving Cost Program: Free moving funds!
1. Be a US citizen and have a minimum of 500 strength
2. Do not belong to the AFA or any anti-American group (party or MU)
3. Request here: (once per day)



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