[DoE] Emergency Planning Notice & The Citizen's Handbook

Day 4,859, 11:52 Published in USA USA by Department of Citizen Affairs

Greetings, Citizens!

The Department of Education has exciting news to share with you all about our future projects! However, before we can do so we have been asked to release an emergency planning notice: War is Coming.

It is time to stockpile supplies. Weapons, food, houses if you can afford them, and especially premium goods like energy bars. Do not underestimate the importance of morale either. Support your friends, check in with them on a regular basis. Don't forget to pack some board games in your bug-out bags and bunkers. Keep an eye on official government sources for further information as the situation develops.

The DoE has been authorized by the President to collect, organize, and release a consolidation of vital information known as "The Citizen's Handbook". We have decided that this project would be the most useful if on the very front of the handbook, we condensed vital gameplay information for consumption. The following document will grow, change, and eventually become a repository of guides easier to navigate than the current newspaper system that currently indexes DoE products. It is intended to be passed on to future cabinets should they find the project amenable. You can find the initial two pages here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NLpaigfW1KzC8Ilp1LiHmhOHI7y3IGXgcVuxf3s0h7A/edit?usp=sharing

Credit to the DoE staff: Elaine of the Snowy Forest, Pappas, and What A Guy

Special thanks to: George Barker, Gnilraps, King Harambe, MollyMock, Shiloh13, and zRTx for contributing to this and future projects.