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[DoE] Economy Module

Day 2,468, 12:13 Published in USA USA by Department of Citizen Affairs

This article intends to inform the general populace about eRepublik’s economic module. In particular, this article aims to inform the reader about the in-game mechanics related to module as well as how to survive the first few days.

When starting out in the eRepublik, one of the easiest places to hurt your chances of surviving in the eWorld is the economic module. Here are a few tips on how to navigate these treacherous waters.

Economic Module

The navigation bar at the top of your screen contains two critical components of the economic module: My places and the Market. Along with currency, these two pages form the backbone of the economic module.


There are two types of currency used in this game: country currency (CC) and gold. You can find out how much of each currency you possess by looking underneath the "Recover Energy" button on the sidebar on the left-hand side of your screen.

When you're first starting out, you'll want to spend as little currency as possible!

Don't waste your gold, especially, buying companies and other items. Instead, save your gold to upgrade your training facilities (start by upgrading your free training center first). In addition, you'll want to save your CC for emergencies (you should be able to gain basic items such as food and/or weapons from your military unit or any number of free supply programs).

My Places

Under My places, you will find the following tabs, the first and third of which are most relevant to this discussion:

The first tab shows all the companies you own as well as options to create, sell, and upgrade companies. You can manage employees and buy raw materials for your companies from this tab, as well.

The third tab is your storage. This is where all supplies and weapons are kept. Starting off, you’ll only have room for 1,000 items, but you can purchase additional storage down the road.

The Market

The Market tab is where in-game transactions occur. Under the market pull-down menu, there are four options:

* The Marketplace is where you can purchase goods such as food, weapons, raw materials, and companies.
* The Monetary market is where you can exchange gold for CC (or vice versa).
* The Job market is where you can find a company at which to work.
* The Companies for sale tab is where you can purchase already built/upgraded companies (this tab is redundant, as you can access this page from the Marketplace.

Starting Off

Now that some of that ground work has been laid, we can start getting into the nitty-gritty of where you should put your hard-earned gold/CC to work.

The very first thing we suggest you do is upgrade your free training grounds to level 2. This cuts the number of times you have to train to get your Super Soldier (SS) Medal (and reward of 5 gold) in half. This will allow you to gain more gold, faster.

Protip: Because of the way the military module is structured, your best bet is to stay at as low a level as you can and just beef up your strength. To do this, avoid working in your own factories as much as possible. Work for your employer, do your training, and limit your military attacks to a maximum of a daily order (DO) per day.

Closing Comments

Be careful to avoid common newbie mistakes such as using gold to buy factories without having the raw materials to produce anything or wasting money buying cost-inefficient supplies like Q7 food or Q6 tanks. Don’t waste your resources, as gold and CC are not as easy to come by as you may think, and it may take you weeks or even months to recover enough for a single upgrade. Take advantage of the multitude of free supply programs so you can put your currency to good use!

Remember, if you have any questions about the investments you should make as a new player, don’t hesitate to ask a more experienced player for help!

Best of luck to all in your endeavors to master the economy module!

We hope this encourages everyone to be mindful of where your currency is going. Becoming active and knowing how the economic module works is very crucial if you would like to become very successful. As the economy module continues to evolve, think of new strategic ways to become successful with money. Who knows--you might be the next eBill Gates or eSteve Jobs!

If you have any query regarding the game, the events or anything, you can always post it to ERICA and you will be contacted regarding it through an in-game message.



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DO you guys need comments? 😃

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please comment for the mission too

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There's still an economic module?
No, I kid. Keep up the good work, DoE!

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