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[DoE] Back to the Basics

Day 1,872, 17:38 Published in USA USA by Department of Citizen Affairs

This edition of Education Today focuses on the basics of eRepublik; The Military, Economic, and Political modules.


War Mechanics
Wars have campaigns in which two countries and possibly their allies fight for a region: one defends it and others try to conquer it. Campaigns have many battles. In each battle there are 4 divisions, decided by experience level. Each division fights their own "miniature" battle, separate from each other.


Every campaign has 8-15 battles which last from 1 hour to 2 hours depending on how dominant one combatant is.
Note: the battle is automatically closed after 2 hours, even if the sides don't reach 1800 points.

-The winner of each divisional battle is the side that first reaches over 1800 points, or the one who has more points after 2 hours of battle. Every minute one side has over 50% control will award the side with X number of points where X is:

0-30 minutes into the battle, 10 points at every minute;
31-60 minutes into the battle, 20 points at every minute;
61-90 minutes into the battle; 30 points at every minute;
91-120 minutes into the battle, 60 points at every minute.

In order for a battle to end, every division needs a side to reach 1800 points. If one division finishes before the rest they must wait until all divisional battles are finished before the next one can begin. This way all divisions start at the same time each battle.
Note: If both countries have 1800 points at the end (division is tied), defender will be declared as winner.

There are 3 types of Political Powers: President, Congress, and Party President.

The President is the leader of a particular country. They enjoy some following powers in the game such as:

*~Proposing Unlimited Laws in game
*~Create and propose a new citizen message sent to each new citizen
*~Propose alliances to other countries
*~Propose Peace to other countries

Other duties include dealing with other foreign leaders, personality disputes in the cabinet, and dealing with in-game and IRC messages.Take note that it is hard to be specific about a President's duties because he or she must be innovative and deal with problems as they arise, focusing on eUSA's relevant, most important issues.

For more information you can visit this page!


Congress are the citizens that are elected by their parties to vote on laws and vote on the current terms budget.

Duties include
*~ Stay active and post whenever possible in the forums.
*~ Discuss, vote to propose a new policy/law, vote on the law
*~ Discuss and approve a American budget.
*~ Transfer funds as allocated by the Economics Council in accordance with the Budget.
*~ Approve citizenship in accordance with the IES (Immigration Enforcement Services)

In eRepublik, the Admins decided to include a Congressional institution. While said institution excludes real life aspects of Congress, such as a Presidential check and two officials of it, the in game Congress of eRepublik still has a very large influence on governmental affairs.

More information can be found here.

Party President
The Party President is the leader of a particular party. With this title also comes some power.
Party presidents can:

*~ Edit the party details
*~ Select who will run for Congress from party. (See Manage congress candidates)
*~ Select who will represent party in the presidential elections. (See Country President Elections)
*~ Resign from this position (the member with the highest amount of experience points will replace him)

Follow this link to get a walk-through of political basics in eRepublik

For more information about POLITICS, check out these wiki pages!


There are two main units of Currency. There is Country Currency (CC) and Gold. CC is used to buy things in your country while gold is used to buy other Currency other than your own countries as well as companies, training grounds, and upgrades for both.

This citizen has 339 Gold and 414 CC

This is your “Home” bar, “My Places” Bar, and “Market” Tab

On the "my places bar" companies is your first page you’ll see. This is where you can work for CC and manage your own companies.

To The right of the Companies tab there is a training bar tab where you can train for strength and upgrade and manage your training grounds

Lastly, on the Market tab there is a drop down menu of 4 options;

The Marketplace - Where goods are able to be purchased
The Monetary Market - Where you can buy currency for Gold and vice versa
Job Market - Where you can find a job
Companies - Purchase already built/upgraded companies.

Follow this link to get a walk-through of economic basics in eRepublik

For more information about the ECONOMY, check out these wiki pages!


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potato134 Day 1,872, 17:41

Hi EA.

EnterAwesome Day 1,872, 17:42

Hello Mr. Potatoe

Bucephalus92 Day 1,872, 18:19

very nicely done

Kody5. Day 1,872, 18:21

exploration has 300 gold?
Nice article though \o/

Trogdorthetroll100 Day 1,872, 18:42

i request your finest golds, tyvm

Candor Day 1,872, 18:47

Good on ya.

n0s3 Day 1,872, 18:50


emdoublegee Day 1,872, 19:22

good stuff EA! Good to see the DoE putting out articles again!

eisenmutter2 Day 1,872, 19:30

at the moment we have some movement from 1gold:345cc to 1g:335 and even lower so let me give you this

Mitron1 Day 1,872, 19:30

"Monetary market - Where you can find a job" <- That's the worst mistake I found

Fixed, Thank you Miton1.

David North
David North Day 1,872, 19:51

Good in depth article

AlexJ1890 Day 1,872, 21:00

If you'd like a mentor, join American University! Apply to get a mentor to help you learn the game faster.

Plugson Day 1,872, 22:21

Quite useful for the newbs ~ saving this link for them.

Nakigitsune Day 1,873, 03:01


Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 1,873, 04:35

'Duties include
*~ Stay active and post whenever possible in the forums.
*~ Discuss, vote to propose a new policy/law, vote on the law
*~ Discuss and approve a American budget.
*~ Transfer funds as allocated by the Economics Council in accordance with the Budget.
*~ Approve citizenship in accordance with the IES (Immigration Enforcement Services)'

Only 1 of these has any basis in game mechanics....

EnterAwesome Day 1,873, 07:25

Nicely pointed out Ichabod, but all of them are duties of a congressman.

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