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[DoE] American University - Apply Today!

Day 2,515, 18:37 Published in USA USA by Department of Citizen Affairs

I am pleased to announce the Department of Education has started accepting applications for the American University!!

The American University is aimed at newer players who want to better understand eRepublik and what our wonderful country offers. It’s a straightforward course that spans over 11 days. There will be lessons and tests which will yield not only better knowledge but rewards as well!

The American University is a program funded by the Department of Education. It is lead by the University’s Dean, David MacDaniel. We have 3 mentors ready to take students under their watch and guide them to greatness.

David MacDaniel
American University Dean

New players can enroll in the program by clicking here. After filling out the application, it will be reviewed and if accepted, a letter will be delivered to them via in-game message. From there, their mentor will be in contact with them to get them started in their journey. Graduates will be announced in White House Press Release articles as well, letting everyone know who the new, educated citizens of our great nations are.

So what are you waiting for? If you or someone you know is a new member of the eUnited States of America, get signed up! If you want to be a mentor, drop MrCarey or David Mac Daniel an in-game message and we’ll get you set up

Secretary of Education, eUSA
Party President, We The People
Congressman, eUSA - WTP



Dave Gulya
Dave Gulya Day 2,515, 18:40

Nice work Secretary MrCarey!

RaccoonGoon Day 2,515, 20:28

Now with 100% less expensive tuition!


Franklin Stone
Franklin Stone Day 2,516, 06:04


The Mike
The Mike Day 2,516, 13:37


Tyler Bubblar
Tyler Bubblar Day 2,516, 14:09

Most excellent

Iamnameless Day 2,516, 14:37

Knowledge is power. \o/

Candor Day 2,517, 06:43

Needs PM spamming of new gamers daily, if it isn't being done already. Valuable work beyond compare.

Candor Day 2,517, 06:44

Voted BTW, a great blast from the past.

Marabus Day 2,522, 08:27


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