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[DoE] A New Month and a Fresh August

Day 2,452, 08:56 Published in USA USA by Department of Citizen Affairs

As our nation has decided to re-elect DMJ for another term, I'm proud to announce that I've been throned Secretary of Education! Now, to find out who I am and who I'm working with, read below.

The current Department of Education Team is as follows:

Secretary of Education: Code-Y
Deputy Secretaries of Education: Cholan II, Irule777, Sniper80

We need more mentors and more people willing to work in the Department of Education. If you are an old player and seek to help out the community by contributing to the newer members of our society, please send me a message. We have positions open in the Mentorship Program and intend to restart the Writers Department.

For newer players who seek to know more about the game, please fill out this form. We will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

The DoE Irc channel is active, and is used by myself and some of the staff members and open to the public!

New Players who join the DoE IRC channel and answer one lucky question will win the reward of 5 Q7 tanks and a small quantity of Q7 food! These will be awarded daily depending on amount of questions being asked.

Older Players who join the DoE IRC channel and answer that same lucky question will also be rewarded with 5 q7 tanks! Idle in the chatroom even when no one is asking questions so you do not miss your chance at getting the reward and participate in intellectual discussions with fellow eAmericans.

The chatroom is #eUSA-DoE on Rizon net. The DoE Irc guide can be found right here.

Help spread the word and get your friends to vote this article and join the #eUSA-DoE irc room! Facing occupation by a stronger alliance, we can still be united and work together for our nation as we promote newer players into the game. Together, we can work together and gain new members of the community if we promote our newbies.

Also, be sure to check out this helpful article for newer players, its a library of links that we update from time to time.

Cheers for a bright month!

Secretary of Education


Cholan II
Cholan II Day 2,452, 09:07

\o\ \o/ /o/

Code-Y Day 2,452, 09:08

Proud to be your SoE 😁.

Zetyro Day 2,452, 09:21


Wild Owl
Wild Owl Day 2,452, 09:33


dmjohnston Day 2,452, 09:40

Well done. Keep up the good work, DoE.

RaccoonGoon Day 2,452, 10:25

Gogo Gadget DoE!


biaxident Day 2,452, 10:29


Zheng He
Zheng He Day 2,452, 15:25

Kan I get edurcated?

TTorai Day 2,453, 04:53


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