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[DoD] Call to Arms - Volunteers needed

Day 2,022, 04:15 Published in Ireland Ireland by Irish Department of Defence

Citizens of eIreland,

This is not the time to shy away from the hurdles which lie ahead. The Department of Defence needs players willing to give up a proportion of their time supplying Irish and international fighters on #free.ireland when the need arises. The collective of generous Irish citizens could keep these supply channels open 24/7, and its a complete shame that the only reason that is not the case is because we have not yet called upon the diverse range of Irish players in different timezones.

If you want to provide eIreland a real service, please contact Seanan with:
✯ Your timezone
✯ The likely hours / your usual availability in the week you can assist
✯ And specifically, your availability for the next 5 days

If you have no experience with supplying, you will be briefed and assisted during the operation in order to help you get to grips with the procedure - You won't be thrown into the deep end, and its a good opportunity for getting experience in time management and battle coordination.

Statement on Dublin Resistance War

Irish Citizens - DO NOT start a Resistance War without DoD Support!
✯ There is a 100% chance it willfail.
✯ If you start it when we have other objectives, you will drain us.
✯ It will bugger up any specific timing needed for Dail elections / coordination with other nations / synthesized opening of RWs with other occupied nations.
✯ You will waste 1000 IEP, and you will not be able to support another Resistance War for 7 days - and sods law states, DoD will support a Resistance War within that period.

For future reference: Dublin is the last region the Department of Defence will ever support for RW - that is for a number of tactical reasons, but at this point, If&when the Department of Defence support a Resistance War it will be started in either Cork, Shannon or Louth. Very personal message from myself (Seanan): We have had enough trouble with the British starting Resistance Wars at ill opportune times, we do not need Irish players making it harder for us aswell - I'm not afraid to spank you.

Think before you click.
If you want to be added to a circular mail in which the DoD states its intentions for a RW, please indicate in the comments section. If funding becomes available, Department of Defence will consider guaranteeing payback of funds to those in the circular mail, for Resistance Wars DoD supports but which fail.

Éire abú
Minster of Defence


BOUD1CCA Day 2,022, 04:18

Yes I am interested

Anthony Colby
Anthony Colby Day 2,022, 04:24

I suspect you would enjoy giving out spankings. 😛

Hear that people? NO Unauthorized Resistance Wars.

Sweet Drinker
Sweet Drinker Day 2,022, 04:34

Join Seanan in making a stronger Ireland

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 2,022, 05:36


Support from eCanada o7

James Keiller
James Keiller Day 2,022, 05:52


Johnny jnr
Johnny jnr Day 2,022, 06:14

intrested also

Danilo Garcia
Danilo Garcia Day 2,022, 07:36

Put me into circular mail.

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Day 2,022, 08:36

As State Prior and Cleric of The Word i bless this article.

I also warn you humans to listen Seanan's instructions or i will spank Daghdha and hang him upside down to be used as pinata for irish children....

Paddy OBrien
Paddy OBrien Day 2,022, 11:42

As long as corned beef and Bushmill's fall out of his pockets 🙂

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Day 2,022, 12:22

And as long they don't fall out from his arse....unless someone likes chocolate bananas with exotic taste...

Colonel Dag
Colonel Dag Day 2,022, 13:47

that's quite unlikely for you as a 3,5' midget

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Day 2,022, 21:43

with my dick anyeay?Daghdha how do you know the size of my dick?
Did Grainne told you or did you stalked me again? And why are you opsessed with my dick anyway?

T White II
T White II Day 2,022, 08:46

Let us jolly eUKers start a Dublin RW for you then 😛

T1nk3r Day 2,022, 09:13

Your misinterpretation will have arisen from a lack of context but I'm happy to leave you in the dark, feel free!

Paddy OBrien
Paddy OBrien Day 2,022, 11:43

Wouldn't be the first time you tyrants have done so. Keep sending the thugs, I have a big garden and a shovel.

ChrisJF Day 2,022, 09:05

Put me in that mail please.

Tom Crean
Tom Crean Day 2,022, 17:01


CaffeineHit Day 2,023, 02:10

Put me in the mail please

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