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[dMoMC] Little Fun From MoMC for u :D

Day 2,034, 23:09 Published in Pakistan Indonesia by Chlife

ok lets make simple in here 😛.. coz actually im in my lazy mood but my boss Dawood ask me for work as deputy in weekend !!! /me slaps Dawood... and pardon me readers if im use bad english today.. im sleepy at all XD

so with my lovely weapons (fermentation cassava + coffee) as my friend, Im made this article

wanna some? 😛

Maybe i wanna little explain to u.. why u must made article 😃... but for made some article u must have newspaper first... nah now i will tell u what positive and negative when u made some newspaper or article

ok im pessimistic 😃 so i will give u negative point first..
1. u will lose 2 GOLD !!!! coz for bad news we must pay 2 gold for creat newspaper 🙁
2. i dont know another negative effect from made some article or newspaper.. if know just tell me in comment and i will edit this article.. 😃

1. U can communicate with other player 😃..

Yup at all this game is social multi player strategy game browser or what ever this game called.. but the point is.. we must have communication with other player.. example.. if u join some Military Unit and u wanna ask some supplies or logistic from commander.. u must fill some form or shout or come to Military channel in rizon server.. or u feel alone and shout in friend page.. its communication too..

u maybe ask again.. why newspaper??? simple 😛 cozzzzzzzzzz in shout u just have little total caracter (160 character like sms feature in phone) but in article?? a lot bro.. and u can give some pict so it will become a awesome expressions from your soul when u do communication with other players in there 😃... for example a awesome article who make me smile a lot...

2. For win some quiz 😛
Happen to me 😃 or with my ebrother for simple example... remember this??? Yup that is my last quiz from me 😃 and if u want join that event or quiz u must have article 😃 but can u check the prize in thats article?? winner minimum get 3 Gold so it equal with your cost when make article.. even that event make me little dissapointment with u all coz that event not make me poor at all 😛 im just spend few of food and 7 GOld..

3. For get Media Mogul medal 😛
For get Media Mogul Medal u must have 1k Subs in your newspaper.. how can u get subs if u not have newspaper 😛 and like other medal u will get 5 gold if u done with your task for get 1k subs 😛 ...

4. Ok Im lazy for thinking... will add if i remember other positive who i got whe n im create newspaper and article..

ok maybe ist enough for explain this for now...

Aamir1khan gave Arfan-khan as many dollars as Arfan-khan started out with. Arfan-khan then gave Aamir1khan back as much as Aamir1khan had left. Aamir1khan then gave Arfan-khan as back as many dollars as Arfan-khan had left, which left Aamir1khan broke and gave Arfan-khan a total of $200.00. How much did Aamir1khan and Arfan-khan have at the beginning of their exchange?

Answers to be given by eDay 2037, 23:59 erep time to me through PM. (/me kick out muz from this quiz)

winner 1 : 2 Gold
winner 2 : 1 Gold
Winner 3 : 1.5 Gold
<<< why 1.5 gold fot 3rd place??? Its my quiz my rules 😛

U have look my pict in this article??? give me your pict place or condition when u enjoy clicking mouse when u play erep everyday. In article :3.. tell your story what are u doing beside clicking mouse.. ( /me eat some snack and chatting )...
hope your creativity when make that newspaper :3.. send me your link article in pm max at eday 2038, 23.59 erep time. we count the winner from vote in article..

example pict

not have article?? PM me with your draft article.. i will give u 2 gold for creat your newspaper

1st = 5 gold
2st = 3 gold
3st = 2 gold

enjoy your day, enjoy your event.Have a nice weekend friends o/

your lovely ministry (MoMC)


ps: fill this form and at end of my terms i will use for chosee 1 lucky person who win 5 GOLD !!!
ps2 : i will correct my bad english when im have mood 😛

my article in ePakistan
1. Just a Little Introduction
2. i'm Happyyyyyyyyy 😃
4. [Pakistan Workers Party] The Winner !!!


Arctic Ray
Arctic Ray Day 2,034, 23:35


Fission Mailed
Fission Mailed Day 2,034, 23:47

*disuruh vote*

ComKar Day 2,035, 00:30


Cluster Storms
Cluster Storms Day 2,035, 01:36


Mohammad Bilal
Mohammad Bilal Day 2,035, 01:41

Nice Article :>

Cluster Storms
Cluster Storms Day 2,035, 01:46

ab to nice kaho gy hi 😛

Mohammad Bilal
Mohammad Bilal Day 2,035, 02:58

HAHA beta is ko pehle us sentence ka matlab btao 😛

Black Vulture
Black Vulture Day 2,035, 02:08

Nice, Voted, but not participating

Muz1 Day 2,035, 11:06

"Kalkir's Plan".
Yep, that creeped me out right in the middle of the night 😒

SAUD98 Day 2,035, 12:08


Strywgr Day 2,035, 23:24


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