[DMJ4POTUS] Really need it, need it, so go

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Time for some facts.

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This presidential race has quickly become a battle of domestic policy. While I’ve certainly spent a lot of my personal time improving our external positioning, the homefront has been far from ignored. Let’s take a look at a couple of departments that have specifically been doing outstanding work at home.

When I started putting together my cabinet, I kept a lot of people from Molly Emma’s second term intact. Education was one of those cases. Delyruin did a great job in June and I’m not one to mess with a good thing. The pattern continued this month as he led a great team. The first major development was the implementation of irule777’s Worker Program. It’s quickly become a great new way to get new players involved in government and provide the Executive departments with much needed extra hands.

More outstanding tutorials and educational articles were also released throughout the month, including a new look at Economic Bonuses that covers the addition of Housing Material Bonuses and our current sources for all bonuses. Education power-house Cholan II also continued to operate the Interactive Division of DoE with the DoE Website and Question of the Day program. I have definitely seen an increase in the QotD usage, setting record daily highs in answers and numerous mentions from participants in the USAF shout feed. I’d imagine it’s being shouted elsewhere too.

The progress and effort will only continue to grow under my new Secretary of Education, Code-Y, who already does a heck of a lot to help new players, both in his party and in EZC. When the need arose to replace Delyruin, I was glad to find such a talented and hardworking alternative to bring the department forward next month.

To supplement the wealth of information flowing out of the DoE, the Media Department has really stepped it up this month. In June, when Alexander_Auctoritas needed some time for RL concerns, I stepped in as a temporary Secretary of Media. I can tell you firsthand that it is not an easy job. Dave Gulya was serving on the team that month, so when I approached him about my July bid, I was ecstatic when he accepted. I had seen the dedication he had to the job and was excited to see it in action. He certainly has delivered! The WHPR’s this month have been absolutely outstanding. There has been a focus on informing the public on party programs and MU programs, educating citizens on topics like the new housing market and the current geo-political landscape with great country focus pieces and an alliance analysis. I couldn’t have asked for better output from this team and Dave has been the one making that happen.

It was an easy decision to keep Dave in the seat and let him continue to work hard keeping the public informed.

A good leader doesn’t do everything himself. That leads to an overworked leader and a team that can’t survive without him or her. Leadership is about finding the right people and encouraging them to do their best and working to bring out the best in them. When that’s your goal, the result is progress and growth in your team that prepares them for the future to lead as well.

Let’s keep moving forward together, eAmerica. DMJ4POTUS, #4MoreWeeks