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Let’s make this happen.

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eAmerica, it’s been 21 days since you overwhelmingly chose me as your President. 21 days that I’ve used to do my best to lead our nation toward prosperity and success. Things haven’t been easy. As is often the case, the situation changes rapidly and we must adapt to overcome. Even still, things haven’t followed my vision, but let’s take a look at what has been accomplished in these three weeks.

Right off the bat, I had to find a new Secretary of State, with Jefferson Locke being unexpectedly unavailable. My team took it in stride, with Derphoof stepping in and doing an excellent job on the fly. He’s since settled in nicely and our relations across the globe have improved.

This started with Cuba but we’ve also been working on improving our damaged ties to Spain, while increasing already strong connections with Russia, Mexico, and our new friends in Latvia. It’s been a busy month of meetings, discussions, messages, and supporting people on the battlefield and the eUS has delivered everywhere we promised our aid, with a lot of great success!

The NSC was without a Communications Director, john nwp, for the first week or so, due to illness, and the Director, Lemon Vodka, ran into RL activity that required his attention last week. Even despite that, we’ve had more communication and interaction with our PMUs than ever before. Questions were answered, plans were explained, and input was sought.

The Defense Department and USAF have been inching closer to the completion of the roster site and accompanying orders/supply bot. With Mike Ontry busy with RL and unable to contribute to the bot as he originally had, it’s been up to Darkmantle to piece together what was already accomplished between the two of them and put it into a fully working system. The expectation is to see the new bot go live on Monday.

Domestically, things have been rough, I’ll admit. Interior lost its Secretary to RL concerns and connection issues. The Department was already in need of repair after the sudden departure of the previous Secretary and this month didn’t help that. I have a great person lined up for next month that I’m really excited to see in action. He’s excited, active, and ready to make the DoI what it once was and what it needs to be again.

Education released a new work program designed by my opponent, irule777. It’s been incredibly useful for getting new players involved and providing the necessary work horses for the government to operate. With a new choice for next month in this department, I’m again very excited to see what it can become under new, active and excited leadership.

The Department of Media has been doing an outstanding job. The WHPR’s have been incredibly informative, useful, and timely. Dave Gulya expressed some concern when I asked him to take the job, but he has fully stepped into his role and performed impeccably. I couldn’t have asked for more from anyone on that team. I’ll also note that Civil Anarchy contacted me a couple of days ago about bringing back eNPR. This is another exciting development in the increased media presence of our nation’s government.

The Daily Press Releases were greatly damaged by the forum downtime and again by David Wilson’s absence. I do not intend to abandon the idea, but a bit of a retooling will be necessary. Look for more information on that as my campaign moves forward.

During my town hall meeting last month I was asked what I would use to measure the success or failure of my term. I replied “Progress on adding allies to Pacifica, the success of the daily press releases and feedback discussions, and a resurgence of our DoI/DoE programs and adding more programs are my primary concerns. Also maintaining 100/80 to 100/100 bonuses throughout.”

While we haven’t added the big two I had mentioned for Pacifica, we did gain Latvia, a great country that I believe is a fantastic addition to our group. Other progress was made with other nations behind closed doors, but of course, these things take time. Alliances aren’t changed in a day or even a week. The Press Releases started out strong and have fizzled out. But, my weekly State of the Union addresses were successful, in my mind, and that kind of success can be built into more success. DoI and DoE saw some progress, but more is impending with new leadership in those departments and a continued focus on getting them what they need. Despite dealing with a French insurrection, we’ve maintained high bonuses throughout the last 3 weeks, 100/90/80, right now, with the final 10 in weapons to come before the end of the month.

Put your faith in me, eAmerica. Let me lead our nation to more greatness and success. I thank you for taking the time to read this article. I know it’s long, but presenting this message to you is of the utmost priority to me. I look forward to continuing to work with our great nation.