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My Town Hall a couple hours ago was a great success! I was very happy to answer all the great questions that were brought forward. Below I’ve provided a log of all the questions and my answers. I hope this information is helpful in deciding who to vote for on the 5th and in your party primaries, for those who are still having them!

<dmjohnston> Alright, let's get started.
<dmjohnston> Welcome to my Town Hall Meeting.
<dmjohnston> Ping me if you have a question and we'll go one at a time.

<SColbert> dmjohnston do you own a penis watch
<dmjohnston> SColbert
<dmjohnston> No, I do not own a penis watch.

<Dinnyin> do you plan on continuing to rent regions for bonuses?
<dmjohnston> Dinnyin yes absolutely. Renting is still the simplest and least offensive way to gain bonuses.

<unna343> What are your plans about Cuba?
<dmjohnston> unna343, on Cuba, I plan to sit down with them very soon after taking office. I want to work out an amiable solution. I don't intend to beat up on them and hope we can reach a rental agreement of some kind.

<WookyJack> dmjohnston: With the recent acquisition of full bonuses and formation of Pacifica, what will you do to ensure continuity and growth in both avenues?
<dmjohnston> WookyJack, A big part of Pacifica is going to be continuing to work toward more allies joining us there. The State Department has their work cut out for them and there are some tough allies nearby that would be excellent to have but take a lot of work.
<dmjohnston> In terms of bonuses, finding alternatives to the locations we hold now will be important for rotating of determination and rentals.

<unna343> How do you plan to keep 4 foreign regions under control? Dmjohnston.
<dmjohnston> unna343 It will take money, that's for sure. Bonuses aren't free. We will need to determine the economic benefit of a given region and determine how much we are willing to spend to keep it.
<dmjohnston> And also, finding alternative sources alleviates that issue to some extent.

<MMike> dmjohnston: on which countries with which we currently have no MPP are you planning to focus in State? ;p
<dmjohnston> MMike, in particular, RoC and China are of interest to me.

<Dinnyin> dmjohnston: by "alternative sources" you mean renting?
<dmjohnston> Dinnyin, possibly. I am more referring to other locations. If that means taking them by force, it's an option.

<Dinnyin> dmjohnston: I am interested in the "taking by force" option. It seems we have problems maintaining control of foreign regions. How can we better address that?
<dmjohnston> Dinnyin. With determination, there comes a time where we have to let regions go to reset them. I haven't noticed an overt issue with regaining them in the manner we plan out.
<dmjohnston> We have done very little spending when it comes to holding foreign territory after the Canadian War. If that needs to change it should.
<dmjohnston> Bonuses are a benefit that has a cost associated with it.
<dmjohnston> The question is how much it is worth.

<MMike> dmjohnston: you are "enjoying" similar support that the last several PotUS' have, how will your mandate be different from what we've seen in the past 1-2-3+ months
<dmjohnston> MMike. One thing that I think has been lacking in the last few terms is a public presence. Even being in the Executive, there has been a notable absence of information coming from the Executive and I am very committed to changing that with the daily Press Releases and associated discussions.

<unna343> Have you done any math about that?
<dmjohnston> unna343. Not yet. It also depends on the region, the resource, available alternatives, etc. As a mathematician, it's not going to be a stretch for me to put out information to justify my spending to Congress and to the people.

<Dinnyin> dmjohnston: work tax seems to come up in kongress each month, any thoughts on whether or not that'll change any time soon?
<dmjohnston> Dinnyin. There will always be a portion of the populace that wants lower taxes. I am comfortable with the current tax level and feel it should stay where it is. I doubt that everyone agrees and I imagine it will likely come up again at some point during my presidency.

<MMike> dmjohnston: do you think the USA may reach the semi-final, and why not the final? (#WC2014)
<dmjohnston> MMike. USA! USA! USA! USA!

<WookyJack> dmjohnston: will you be communicating through WHPR or will you write from your own newspaper? Weekly, bi-weekly?
<dmjohnston> WookyJack. My paper is going to be my primary means of publishing. I think the WHPR is better suited to other topics than a statement from the POTUS. I plan to publish an article of my own at least weekly. It's my hope that the press releases will alleviate some of the need for more direct articles from me, but I want to ensure people are informed, and if that means more articles, I'll make it happen.

<SColbert> dmjohnston why have you yet to raise a coup through the USAF, overthrow the tyrannical Molly Emma, and installed me as God Emperor of the eUSA?
<dmjohnston> SColbert. I have a great respect for separating my military life from the political portion of the game. I don't campaign in USAF areas, I don't MM specific MUs for votes. As SECDEF, I was very serious about my responsibility to the strength of the USAF, and I sadly couldn't warrant tarnishing that, even for making you God Emperor.

<Dinnyin> dmjohnston: so you're saying you're opposed to even the slightest attempt at lowering the tax just to see how things pan out, and pacify the masses yearning for tax relief?
<dmjohnston> Dinnyin. I'm not opposed to a tax cut. I have historically been opposed to tax cuts simply for the sake of tax cuts without a logical argument for it. Had I been presented with a logical argument with facts, figures, calculations, etc. I would have been very likely to support a cut. I am more concerned with the welfare of the nation as a whole than pleasing the masses by giving them what they demand if it would damage our nation.

<Oblige> dmjohnston do you see yourself as a single term or multi term President?
<dmjohnston> Oblige. I'd love to be a multi-term president, but at this point I guess we have to see how things go. I'm not going to run again if I have failed to achieve the goals I set out for myself and failed to adequately lead the country.

<MMike> dmjohnston: given that you've managed to lower USAF's expenses, will you be looking to further increase the USAF's supply drops?
<dmjohnston> MMike. I think that USAF's drops are already very competitive. The MU already tops the damage on a weekly basis, even though it doesn't surge during a tournament like the Private MUs do. We increased the supplies quite a bit from the beginning of the merger. I don't see an overt cause to look at increasing it further.

<Oblige> As a follow up, do you have an over-arcing objective for your first term, a singular goal or multiple goals, by which you'll measure your success or failure?
<dmjohnston> Oblige. Progress on adding allies to Pacifica, the success of the daily press releases and feedback discussions, and a resurgence of our DoI/DoE programs and adding more programs are my primary concerns. Also maintaining 100/80 to 100/100 bonuses throughout.

<MMike> dmjohnston: I am making 900 hits a day without using EBs, USAF supplies me with 45 tanks; is this a reason good enough to look at it?
<dmjohnston> MMike. We're still working out replacements for things like Tanks for Tanking that allowed for more supplies for tanks. It's not a perfect system, but it's certainly not at it's finished point.

<Dinnyin> dmjohnston: what types of "new programs" are you looking to add?
<dmjohnston> Dinnyin. Specifically I talked to Irule777 about a new Education program working with the various departments to get new players involved in low level jobs with the executive. Aside from that, the SoI and the SoE will be brainstorming, along with several of the deputies that have been long-term contributors to those departments and want to try new things.

<WookyJack> dmjohnston: do you have any plans to f*ck anyone up in game?
<dmjohnston> WookyJack. Not specifically at this time. As things develop, a war may arise. More than anything I want to remain stable enough at home to help our allies.

<Oblige> dmjohnston did you provide a list of countries for consideration in Pacficia, or did I miss that?
<dmjohnston> RoC and China are the big ones I want to fish for. Others as the situation develops.

<Maarten> What do you think about the move to sign that pact with Argentina and the alliance reactions after that?
<dmjohnston> Maarten. I've been asked about that situation a lot. I wouldn't have handled it the same way that Molly did. I think that I would have been more willing to find a solution for everyone that still protected ourselves in the process. However, having sat in those alliance meetings toward the end, I can definitely say it was not a good place for the eUS, and I do not dislike where we ended up, with the start of Pacifica and a new direction to go in.

<Maarten> Do you mean some kind of backroom deal instead of a public pact?
<dmjohnston> Maarten. No, I mean finding a way to help our alliance in the way they were asking for but ensuring it was well planned and well executed, which is part of the reason it all happened. The demands on the eUS were not reasonable in the timeframe they were expected to happen.
<dmjohnston> I would have worked more for creating a better plan for it to be done well rather than half-assing it and leaving the eUS to take the hit.

<Oblige> Do you have any good contacts in China to help get what you're looking for with Pacifica accomplished?
<Oblige> People act as if Atracurium is the only person in China, but their political dynamic is actually much more complicated than that.
<dmjohnston> Not personally, no. China is a particularly difficult country to work with, but work has been put in this month and we can build on that with the State team.

<WookyJack> dmjohnston: now that we have full bonuses, how will you prioritize regions we should hold? For example, given the amount of work it took to get Baja will this be the first region to protect in the event our enemies decide to open up 4 RWs and attack us at the same time?
<dmjohnston> WookyJack. Baja will always be the first priority in terms of holding the region because the cost to regain it is so great. The others are less important in terms of priority ordering, and it will likely be a situational decision more than anything.

<MMike> dmjohnston: how would you prefer to hold RWs - like gnil with COs when needed, or via an artificial RW starting scheme ran by the NSC?
<dmjohnston> I'm open to both. As I said earlier, rentals will always be the cheaper and less offensive way to hold bonuses. They are not always available that way and sometimes the cost is worth the benefit. Molly recognized that the costs of the Canadian war was more than the benefit and she withdrew. I don't intend to waste money that isn't beneficial.

<Oblige> dmjohnston will you be making a public commitment to mimimum SCI spending?
<Oblige> or are you going to go Gnilraps on us
<Oblige> and spend 3 million holding down Cuba?
<dmjohnston> Oblige. I don't intend to achieve my goals through excessive spending, but I'm not going to be afraid to spend if the benefit is worth the cost.

<WookyJack> dmjohnston: Coca Cola or Pepsi?
<dmjohnston> Pepsi. Though when I lived in Germany I preferred their Coke.

<JosephCosey> dmjohnston: favorite cereal?
<dmjohnston> JosephCosey: Life.
<JosephCosey> cinnamon life i hope
<dmjohnston> JosephCosey. I've always been an original guy 😛

<JosephCosey> Would you rather sit on a dick and eat cake, or sit on a cake and eat dick?
<dmjohnston> Yes.

<Mazzy_Cat> what are your interior plans? education and such and so forth?
<Mazzy_Cat> it's so boring lately
<dmjohnston> Mazzy_Cat. I answered a little earlier with this: " Specifically I talked to Irule777 about a new Education program working with the various departments to get new players involved in low level jobs with the executive. Aside from that, the SoI and the SoE will be brainstorming, along with several of the deputies that have been long-term contributors to those departments and want to try new things."
<dmjohnston> Irule, Cholan, and a couple other former secretaries are returning as deputies, which gives my cabinet a great batch of idea people.

<Mazzy_Cat> so.. how involved will YOU be with the interior? No offense but that sounded like you are going to let them call the shots…
<dmjohnston> Mazzy_Cat. As with the way I've run the DoD, I'm very hands on. Discussions about new programs are going to include me. If a new program is starting, I'm going to know exactly how it operates, who's running it, who's involved, etc. I've always been a hands on leader while trying not to step on too many toes.

<WookyJack> dmjohnston: what will be most important in your new citizen message?
<dmjohnston> WookyJack. The Department of Education website that Cholan made is a GREAT resource. I think that will easily be the most important link in the message.

<Dinnyin> dmjohnston: what's your poison?
<dmjohnston> Dinnyin. I actually don't drink. So, Pepsi 😛

<Mazzy_Cat> dmjohnston - why does my cell keep ringing?
<dmjohnston> Mazzy_Cat. Because people are calling you.

<WildOwl> you don't drink?
<dmjohnston> WildOwl. No.

<WookyJack> dmjohnston: how's that cute baby?
<dmjohnston> WookyJack. She's cuter than all other babies.

<Dinnyin> 😮 idk if I can vote for a President who doesn't drink
<dmjohnston> Dinnyin. I do cocaine.

<rainysunday> how long can you tread water?
<dmjohnston> rainysunday. Unknown, I took survival swimming, so basically until my legs get tired.

<dmjohnston> Thank you all very much for coming, I appreciate all the great questions. I'm happy to answer more in any of the forum threads for the parties or via PM or right here in #DMJ4POTUS

Again, I want to thank all those that came to the Town Hall Meeting and hope your questions were answered. If you have any questions for me and weren’t able to make it, you’re welcome to ask them here, in any of my party forum threads, on IRC at #DMJ4POTUS, or via direct PM.