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[DM] Unity and Activity – A PP Manifesto

Day 1,789, 08:58 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by ePocalypse

Hi all,

So I decided it’s about time I gave this PP job another go. It’s been nearly 2 years since I last ran for the role and on each of my previous 3 spells in the job, I think most TUPers would agree that I did a good job, achieved good results and put a hell of a lot of work in. That’s exactly what I intend to do this time too.

My main reason for running is to try to increase the activity within the party. We have always had a bunch of good, active players and have done our best as a party to represent the country through good governance and common goals. As every party can testify though, it’s always difficult to find active, younger players to come through and get properly involved within a party. Whilst every member is valued and contributes to the party in their own way, I’ll be pushing harder for those who can to get more involved and will be offering opportunities for those who show the activity and willingness required to be the best.

Another reason for running is to reset the standard that we should be expecting from PPs. All too often we have people running who treat the job as a badge of honour rather than as a duty to the members and the wider nation. Make me PP and you will have a hard working leader who will increase the media presence and the communication within the party. I want to show you how much better the party can be when someone puts the effort in that this party deserves so much and I’d like it to set a precedent for future PP candidates.

Congress Elections
Congress elections will be on the 25th, as always. If you’re a TUP member and you want to run for congress, you will need to sign up in the thread on the TUP forum. The thread will go up on 16th October.

If you’re not already a member, please join us there. First sign up the eUK Forums, then head to the party forums category and request access to the TUP private sub forums from the Access Requests section.

If you’re a younger player, please don’t be put off! There are plenty of experienced members who can help you out in the first steps of your political career and if you show a good level of activity, you will be given top priority for elections. We’re looking for the leaders of the future to step up and get involved.

If I’m elected, there will be further information in subsequent articles but for now, join us on the forum and start having your say about our future.

National Manifesto
These days, people vote for a party and not individuals. As such, we as a party need to ensure the public are aware of what we stand for, who will be representing them and why they should choose to vote for us instead of other parties.

We will publish a national party manifesto in the run up to congress elections.

Fastrack Scheme
This again relates to getting people active and giving them opportunities. Sign up to our fastrack scheme on the TUP forums and come and hang out with us on IRC. It’s a great way to get to know other party members and the only way to get the best opportunities available.

If you sign up to the scheme and stay active, I will ensure you don’t go short of food and weapons and will prioritise you for congress elections.

Our media presence will be increased massively. I have a detailed schedule of what I intend to do this month, which you can find on the TUP forum. We will be publishing articles about various things during the course of the month and increasing our presence in game.

vPP / Communications
My vPP this month will be our previous Country President, Magic Hereos. His main role will be as communications director. He’ll be sending out regular messages on my behalf to party members, to keep you all informed of what is happening. You offer us your support; I feel it’s only fair to keep you well informed in return.

Party Conference
A much neglected part of TUP as of late, the party conference will be returning. It’s held on our forums and gives all members the opportunity to help shape our policies.

There will be some attempt to recruit unaffiliated citizens but primarily, we intend to do what’s best for eUK through good governance. Through this and our increased activity, I would hope for an increase in party membership numbers. I do not intend to do any recruiting from other parties. My target is 313 members by the end of the term.

TUP Family
TUP Family will continue to run separately from the party under the excellent leadership of Niemand and anyone is welcome to join. We have an active, friendly community and there is always room for more members.

In addition, 12th regiment has been chosen to be the new elite IRC regiment of TUP Family. You can read more about it here in Iain Keers’ excellent article. This regiment is only for the most active who can respond to order changes at a moment’s notice. We feel it adds another element to our unit and will offer good supplies and co-ordination to some of the nation’s active players, helping to increase the effectiveness of eUK on the battlefield.

CP Elections
As normal, we will have a democratic forum poll on who to support for CP elections. Any TUP members who put their names forward will be on the poll as well as any confirmed candidates from other parties.

Want to be a part of an active and highly competent party? Join TUP today!



ePocalypse Day 1,789, 08:59

Strength in Unity!

Invalidation Day 1,789, 09:01

Good stuff

Spite313 Day 1,789, 09:01

Voted. TUP needs a full scale overhaul and now is the time to do it.

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 1,789, 09:03

Well written and nice presentation...seriously.

Ergo Deus
Ergo Deus Day 1,789, 09:07

We're in for a fun month.

Nebojsa M. Petrovic
Nebojsa M. Petrovic Day 1,789, 09:43

voted. we need fresh start really 🙂

Grampa Alfagrem
Grampa Alfagrem Day 1,789, 10:21

Nice graphics

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 1,789, 10:56

Sounds good!

Viridi Day 1,789, 12:55

Everyone who votes this article is cool.

Niemand Day 1,789, 13:06

Strength in Unity!

Lily Jayne Summers
Lily Jayne Summers Day 1,789, 13:10

Another old player running for TUP PP. Surprise surprise.

Nebojsa M. Petrovic
Nebojsa M. Petrovic Day 1,789, 13:15

you are too young for this go to bed XD

Alphabethis Day 1,789, 13:41

the bird is a crow? seriously.

Alphabethis Day 1,789, 13:43

@Keers, "TUP needs a full scale overhaul and now is the time to do it. " , very wise words.
You can even get democracy and transparency in the party.

Nebojsa M. Petrovic
Nebojsa M. Petrovic Day 1,789, 13:46

Alphabethis do you really know what democracy is?? oh im so supprised!!!!

Spite313 Day 1,789, 13:51

They are considered the most intelligent of the birds, and among the most intelligent of all animals[3][4] having demonstrated self-awareness in mirror tests (European Magpies) and tool making ability (crows, rooks[5])—skills until recently regarded as solely the province of humans and a few other higher mammals. Their total brain-to-body mass ratio is equal to that of great apes and cetaceans, and only slightly lower than in humans.[6]

Alphabethis Day 1,789, 13:56

I never said I have anything against crows,... only that it seemed a crow. Anyway, it's not the usual
bird chosen by people, they prefer doves, eagles, canaries, owls ,... but crows... well vikings liked them, Odin had a couple of them...

Sigfred Zachariasen
Sigfred Zachariasen Day 1,789, 14:20

Easy pick!

Papa Lazarou
Papa Lazarou Day 1,789, 16:46

Stop being crowist Alphabethis

Got my vote o/

Snugz Day 1,790, 03:54

oppa danmoir style

thelanelim Day 1,790, 05:17

Go Dan \o/

WayneKerr Day 1,790, 06:27

I Still Hate DanMoir

Destriant Day 1,790, 09:23

12th regiment is going to have an awesome captain. : D


Alphabethis Day 1,790, 11:43

blackmarket is low these days, isn't it , Danny ?

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