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[DM] East Mids Congress Return

Day 1,646, 10:59 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by ePocalypse

Hi all,

For the first time since July 2011, I’ve decided to run for congress. This time I’ll be heading back to the place where I was first elected (East Midlands). I’ll be running under the TUP banner as always.

Having been thoroughly disappointed with congressmen over the past months, I’m putting my name forward. The country needs active congressmen who will make sensible suggestions, debate, hold the government to account and even more importantly, actually contribute!

TUP continue to support new players and actively encourage them to get involved and run for congress. This month we have a couple of promising players who we have prioritised by giving them official spaces in London where they should stand the greatest chance of being elected. We’d love to have more of our new players getting involved and taking the opportunities available. If you’re a new player who is competent and willing to contribute, you will get prioritised for such positions, so join the forums and get started.

I’ve done some stuff before:

• Been playing and active for 1,000 days
• 16 time congressman
• 3 time TUP Party President
• eUK Forum admin
• Former Minister of Home Affairs
• Former multiple time Cabinet Advisor
• TUP Family military unit commander
• Number 5 ranked citizen in eUK
• 2M+ damage dealt every day without taking any supplies from government
• 50 Battle Hero medals
• Over 50M damage dealt for UK since true patriot medal introduced on 27th April.
• I run the Unity Welcome Baskets scheme on the forum which gives free food to new players

More important than any of that stuff though – I am extremely active in game and will contribute as a congressman, as I have done on each of my previous terms. I will of course vote on every proposal. I will do my best to represent the majority and in particular the newer players who are so important to our countries future.

So if you’re in the East Midlands or even fancy moving region to give me your vote, I would be grateful.

If you don’t want to vote for me then please, please, please vote for somebody else who is going to be active and contribute to our nation. There have been so many inactive congressmen elected by their parties and it really doesn’t help anyone except the individuals who take their 5 gold reward and disappear for another month.



N W G Day 1,646, 11:50

With players like yourself picking to run there makes it all more worthwhile us winning it today

Kravenn Day 1,646, 11:53

Almost sure that Dan is the best candidate in East Midlands

ePocalypse Day 1,646, 11:57

Haha, thanks for winning the battle almost single handedly N W G. I managed 4th overall but nothing compared to the damage you put in there today.

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 1,647, 02:06

To do 27 million damage with weapons at your strength would take 15,000 Q6 fights according to ...

Alan Hammond
Alan Hammond Day 1,647, 02:28

good luck mate

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