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[DHS Centrelink] Day 1884 New Players and Supplies - Everyone Read!

Day 1,884, 11:40 Published in Australia Australia by Joey Development Scheme

Albino squirrels are joining us in great numbers!

I want to again extend a welcome to new eAussies who have made their presence known:

~ Kylyn
~ Defend Australia
~ Vaney
~ Gynan Sanders

New players please keep posting comments on these articles for supplies!

Experienced players friend the new players listed here!

Also please keep up the donations to Centrelink. Another $300 AUD has been received. Please buy the Centrelink FRM on sale for $100 AUD if you want to contribute.

One last thing! I need everyone to subscribe and vote so these articles gain prominence.

Please continue to support Centrelink and new players to make a difference for our future!

Vyrin the First
Minister of Centrelink

The eAustralian National Library

Please subscribe to the Government Department Newspapers, Join the eAustralian Forums, and take a look at our National Library run by the Department of Human Services to aid our New Players.


Xavier Griffith
Xavier Griffith Day 1,884, 13:53

Welcome to the new players, good to see communication is bringing them out. Lets hope the hatefest that has been going on doesn't drive them away.

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