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[Department of Information] Indonesia

Day 1,878, 00:37 Published in Australia Australia by eAus Department of Information


Chile have recently agreed to release regions to Australia in a process to restore our relationship and move Australia to the point where we can join them in the Circle of Trust alliance.

Indonesia have subsequently approached Australia and demanded Western Australia. In principal, as long as Australia can maintain three (3) regions for Congress Elections, we have no problem with an ally benefiting from surplus resources. Indonesia have refuse compensation of any sort and demand immediate compliance with their demands.

Australia asked for a region swap of Papua for Western Australia (Rubber for Salt peter) so that we can gain a 2nd weapon resource and maintain our number of congress seats with the understanding that we return it when Chile return Queensland (Rubber) to Australia.
Indonesia said no.

Australia asked for a region swap of Lesser Sunder Islands for Western Australia (Rubber for Fish) so that we can gain a near useless food resource and maintain our number of congress seats with the understanding that we return it when Chile return Queensland (Rubber) to Australia.
Indonesia said no.

Australia asked for them to at least pay some rent.
Indonesia said no.

Australia asked for them to at least pay us for lost MPPs.
Indonesia said no.

Australia asked for a written agreement and time to discuss it with our Senate, CoT SG, Chile, Brazil and USA.
Indonesia said no.

Essentially, Indonesia wish to take Western Australia as their own regardless of consequences to Australia. This is the old Indonesia Australia know so very well. Australia is dissappointed that our long efforts to build a mutually beneficial relationship are being scuttled by the current Indonesia administration in favour of a petty, short term gain.

We thought we were all past this.
We thought that we were treating with friends.
We thought more of Indonesia.

Indonesia is single handedly undermining Australia's entry into CoT and our relationship with Chile for short-term personal gain. Is this really how you build a circle of trust? Slow down, take in the sun, and build a proper relationship.

Update 1: Indonesian President Def0 has generously given us 24 hours to comply on condition Australia doesn't MPP Chile before the invasion thus effectively forcing us to break our treaty with Chile.

Update 2: The Indonesian perspective.

Update 3: Australia renew their MPP with Chile as per Clause III-1-3 lest we both face invasion by CoT, USA as per Clause V.

Update 4:
[20:24] <chlome> so what your decision def0
[20:24] <~def0> We're coming for WA
[20:24] <witherd1> thats unfortunate
[20:24] <witherd1> so you are not interested in making rental offer?
[20:25] <~def0> Nope
[20:25] <witherd1> that is a shame, i guess we'll meet you on the battlefield in WA then
[20:25] <~def0> Ok thanks
[20:25] <~def0> Sorry for all the troubles
'nuff said.

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Majester


Mr Crumpets
Mr Crumpets Day 1,878, 00:40

Told you so!

Binda33 Day 1,878, 00:40

I stand ready to fight for Australia!

Tim_Holtz Day 1,878, 00:41

is that before or after binda wanted to manipulate Chile and Indo to fight each other lol

Binda33 Day 1,878, 00:47

Tim, what are you smoking?

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Day 1,878, 00:50

I was running a stopwatch to see how long it would take for Majester to recommence settling old scores with eIndonesia. His trademark first step was the propaganda campaign, followed by bringing up old history, shortly before the friendly Senators ask Congress to forego budgetary savings measures therefore justifying another pork-barrelling war spend. 5x later anyone who can't see through this nonsense has the mentality of a pile of dead leaves.

Besides these archaic plays - how do we know it's crap? eIndonesia is a CoT member and wouldn't prejudice the greater momentum now eAus has taken on a pro CoT stack. Further, since I speak and write fluent Indonesian, I'd love to see a public article written and issued through official eIndonesian Government channels reciprocating the above. eIndonesia isn't shy on coming forward when they advance on a country. Still looking for such an official article..

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Day 1,878, 00:51

.. and now I've read Tim's post since drafting my remarks on the issue I'm calling off the search for the mysterious war drums - case closed.

Tim_Holtz Day 1,878, 00:52

its interesting how the current Government isnt willing to admit they tried to give Indo WA in exchange for talking to Chile about Qld

ofc the govt doesnt want people to know that

Majester Day 1,878, 00:53

Binda never did such a thing, Tim. We have long entertained speaking to Indonesia, New Zealand and even Peru to optimise resources so that all of CoT can grow from surplus wealth generating regions.

Some kids just want to eat all the sweeties without sharing theirs.

I have no scores to settle with Indonesia, TJ. I have long fought for cooperation and a mutually beneficial relationship. I do not, however, tolerate a master-servant relationship. The optimal use of resources is logical. Taking them by force is not especially when you plan to be in the same alliance.

Mr Crumpets
Mr Crumpets Day 1,878, 00:56

What did I say when we first started talking treaty with Chile? Would Chile retreat just for Indonesia (and maybe NZ) to take a slice of us.

Even LAST NIGHT I said on the QT podcast that CoT as an alliance could be getting too big and can't stick together. I said it would be Indonesia to split because they'd get bored as usual and what an empire again.

I was right all along... nice to see people finally understand... just too you all a month to do it.

GadjahMadaa Day 1,878, 01:15

not wise, the indos should at least pay rent..

BadMail Day 1,878, 01:16

if u talk about Indonesia please use BAHASA so i can understand 😃

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Day 1,878, 01:21

Selamat sore Badmail o/ Betul sekali .. mereka tidak seperti kebenaran.

The eIndo ruse was concocted to sure up sympathy towards eAustralia's standing with eChile. The international community's first step is to measure eAustralia's foreign credibility. Not much to speak of. This same ploy has been tried and failed several times over the past 2 years - it's really time to get a new play book.

The repurcussions are as follows:

1. eUSA and eBrazil, as CoT member countries along with eChile, will have to support eIndonesia.

Begging eArgentina won't help, eGreece is a close friend of eRomania and there is every likelihood of eRom going to TWO in the coming months. eGreece would likely follow.

There goes your liferaft.

2. When (not if - but when) eChile lock down sources on the scheme, they can take a case to CoT that eAustralia have betrayed them, thus violating the December 2012 Chile and Australia Non-aggression Agreement passed by the eAus Senate, with eUSA and eBrazil as signatories.

There goes the $200,000 bond.

TL;DR the eAustralian Government as an institution doesn't have the standing in the international community as an wholly honest entity.

If eIndo (on the slim chance this article contains an element of truth) is trying to front off with eAustralia WITHOUT provocation (remember those two words - WITHOUT provocation) .. eAustralia better make their case watertight and not be able to be uncovered.

A Rock Star in Tanzania
A Rock Star in Tanzania Day 1,878, 01:25

when did eindonesia become a friend of eaustralia?

Rifqi the Great
Rifqi the Great Day 1,878, 01:29

kill those eindo, they're suck!!

Diego Tugiyo
Diego Tugiyo Day 1,878, 01:30

Does the aussie-chile treaty guarantee aussie sovereignty?
and if im not wrong, you should have mpp with chile, then by an mpp, indo will not dare to attack

Majester Day 1,878, 01:34

We will discuss this matter in our bilateral meeting with Chile today. We sincerely believe there is a way to make this work for everyone if all the parties can agree to consider mutual benefit over individual gain.

Charles_Charmichael Day 1,878, 01:41

is tahat chinise people in your army ?

IndoMy Day 1,878, 01:46

use bahasa please...

/nyong ra ngerti babar blas.. : D

OVALNI REBORN Day 1,878, 01:51

ko s đavlom tikve sadi... LoL

Hassan Al Banna
Hassan Al Banna Day 1,878, 02:06

Use Bahasa Indonesia please,

aing ora ngudeng bahasa alien :matabelo

Arthur the Elitist Cole
Arthur the Elitist Cole Day 1,878, 02:14

"Pemerintah Anda adalah kejahatan"

Jeme Gile
Jeme Gile Day 1,878, 02:14

/nyong ra ngerti babar blas.. : D

vosakz Day 1,878, 02:16

I hope we can solve this problem and meet the equlibrium..

Voice of Change.. FREEDOM!!!

Okit4 Day 1,878, 02:20

tukeran aja dah!

mastermono Day 1,878, 02:33

do not join CoT laa. we are close neighbours, it's only natural for us to keep fighting. we should never be in the same team

btw nyong jg ra ngerti babar blas..

Icetek Day 1,878, 02:35

"We will not negotiate with Binda33 or Majester"

alimilano Day 1,878, 02:55

lol, How many times Indo must said NO to you to stop begging

sike woods
sike woods Day 1,878, 03:23

r we gonna war these fn indo's

Luciver Day 1,878, 04:01

those greedy indons
ratakan gan !!!!!

Satria Pandawa
Satria Pandawa Day 1,878, 04:13

yeaa, finally we gonna make a war with aussie..

scottty the NUKE
scottty the NUKE Day 1,878, 04:30

Yay a war with a country 10th the size yay!

infin Day 1,878, 04:47

best i can see, its not australia threatening to invade indo. tj wtf you smoking?

Majester Day 1,878, 06:13

Who know, infin. The drugs seem to be good in the USA.

a h a s r a p
a h a s r a p Day 1,878, 06:31

lol, How many times Indo must said NO to you to stop begging

I like it One Thousand Times, ROFL

Matahari Day 1,878, 06:36

History always repeated , going back to my cave >_>

Schoft Day 1,878, 07:57

hmmm is this when you say I told you so? It will always end up in tears

Phantom Menace
Phantom Menace Day 1,878, 08:31

Yo are dissapointed with indonesia when chile is doing something lot worse and you are allowing that. What a funny country you are australia.

RaviMirza Day 1,878, 09:23

greedy eIndo is greedy tsk tsk tsk.. honestly i don't like the way my eGovernment oppressing you like this, there is no honor in it 😕

RaviMirza Day 1,878, 09:26

at least Indo will have to pay rent, or swapping region

Istranus Day 1,878, 09:32

Those greedies indochickens.

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Day 1,878, 10:22

Infin you must be good at understanding incomprehensible English translate this:

"Updated: Indonesian President Def0 has generously given us 24 hours to comply on condition Australia doesn't MPP Chile before the invasion thus effectively forcing us to break our treaty with Chile."

The sentence structure is strange or purposely vague. Is Indo demanding you MPP immediately or is it telling you NOT to? When you do something so reckless as publicly bang the drums of war before the end of the last bilateral rounds at least state your case clearly.

Not for nothing, why is the demand towards the MPP on the table at all? The CANAA was passed before the new term begun WTF is eAustralia doing not honouring their MPP with eChile?

Putting allies in a very difficult possie.

Allea230112 Day 1,878, 10:31

Jiaaaah... Aussie again n again 10x

WageSlave Day 1,878, 11:09


BOUD1CCA Day 1,878, 12:29

TJ is like King Arthur, in our hour of greatest need he will return to save us \o/
or so the prophecy says

Vyrin the First
Vyrin the First Day 1,878, 13:23

No TJ is just souring everything up as he did when he was trying to do diplomacy for us.

Insinuating that Australia made a secret provocation to cause eIndo's threat is either sour grapes over his failures in eAus or purposeful intent to make the situation worse.

I think TJ's silly moves are such that everyone will one day just stop listening to him. If that day is not already here.

Majester Day 1,878, 13:53

The Treaty clause III-1-3 requires Aus and Chile to MPP by the 10th of January. Indonesia want us to hold off until the 11th so that they can NE Australia and not lose their Chile MPP. This creates a breech.

May I also remind you that in terms of the Chile-Aus Treaty section IV ( the country who breeches the Treaty faces a full invasion by CoT, USA and Brazil.

We are also sure Chile are as surprised as Australia at this Indonesian move because breaking clause III-3-2 also incurs a breech. We sympathise with Chile for the predicament Indonesian places them in and are working to resolve the matter so that we may continue to build a mutually beneficial future together.

Hire.killer Day 1,878, 16:25

"when Chile return Queensland (Rubber) to Australia"?


DraimAlexander Day 1,878, 16:53

TJ: That's the point, they are demanding that we not sign the MPP which is unacceptable given that we are forced to via the treat (and we proposed the MPP as required and it is in voting)

Arthur the Elitist Cole
Arthur the Elitist Cole Day 1,878, 17:34

Please don't Louise. TJ is balding. I still have a head full of hair! We're nothing alike!

Xavier Griffith
Xavier Griffith Day 1,878, 18:58

^^ lol

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