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[DB] Hungary Wiped Out

Day 1,092, 15:08 Published in New Zealand Canada by supabeasty

^That is me!

Yes, this is short simply because I just finished making that sexy thing above and wrote an article for the KSD.

Hungary was officially wiped off the map today by EDEN forces. It did not take a very long time since the start of the invasion until the end.

Here are the facts:

And now.....

So even though I have to live in New Zealand and occasionally fight for Penix, I YOU EDEN!!!!

P.S. This article sucks and I am bored.



Marko Nikolic I
Marko Nikolic I Day 1,092, 15:40

1th 🙂
this article sucs and you bored me 🙂

supabeasty Day 1,092, 15:41

^what i meant to do : D

voice Day 1,092, 15:41

Oh no! Lets liberate Hungary !

supabeasty Day 1,092, 15:42

^ Oh let's not!

Nosyt Day 1,092, 16:17


Denis Cicic
Denis Cicic Day 1,092, 17:29

stupid article

Teddyyo Day 1,092, 17:35

This article wins.

Bristel Akina
Bristel Akina Day 1,092, 18:25


Dycey Farley
Dycey Farley Day 1,092, 21:44

Happy dance, happy dance, hap-hap-happy dance!

Skorpion35 Day 1,092, 21:48

That will also happend to you one day.Somebody's misery it isn't for making a jokes.

PimpDollaz Day 1,092, 22:10

Wow, angry trolls are angry

Krivobarac Day 1,092, 22:16

P.S. This article sucks and I am bored.

Smiljan Day 1,093, 00:13


Blacklist Rose
Blacklist Rose Day 1,093, 01:52

Wow someone didn't leave there past behind.

Blacklist Rose
Blacklist Rose Day 1,093, 06:12

They're back. Didn't take long.

Ptahnut Day 1,093, 09:20


beauty_vs_beast Day 1,093, 11:33

hungary is back on the map so this article is pointless

supabeasty Day 1,093, 12:11

"Wow someone didn't leave there past behind."

Why should I?

The article is still not pointless. It is a great feat to destroy one of the most powerful countries in the eWorld. It was the same way when USA and Canada we taken over. As well as when Romania was taken over.

Blacklist Rose
Blacklist Rose Day 1,093, 13:02

Because you're a Kiwi now, what came before is irrelevant. We're neutral.

Jacobo Gronaven
Jacobo Gronaven Day 1,093, 13:29

Wow someone didn't leave there past behind. x2

Hungry fighting for their independence is a great buissnes opertunity.

supabeasty Day 1,093, 19:32

"Because you're a Kiwi now, what came before is irrelevant. We're neutral."

New Zealand is neutral. I am not. That is like saying you are a Republican and that you like every single thing that a Republican does or ever did.

^yes, bad analogy

But the point is that just because I support NZ being neutral, it does not mean that I don't like PHX or EDEN.

Thomas765 Day 1,094, 08:44

Thankfully they weren't wiped for long. :3

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