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[Dáil Éireann] The new September Dáil & Rogue Proposal.

Day 2,107, 16:19 Published in Ireland Ireland by Damhnaic

Dear friends,

It's been a while, isn't it? Well, to my surprise I was elected Teachtaí Dála (TD). As I am a responsible eIrish-person, I decided I resume my activity to ensure your votes weren't cast for nothing (and to be true to my previous writings on the importance of democracy and how things were biased in eRepublik.)

Thus, this is only a small article to present the TDs elected to represent all of you folks in the Dáil.

Independent Voices (4 TDs)

1. Paddy OBrien (4th)
2. binksy (18th)
3. castaneda (23th)
4. Damhnaic (3rd)

Society of United Irishmen (5 TDs)

1. ian arbuckle (13th)
2. Anthony Colby (21th)
3. Brian Boru (18th)
4. irishbhoy1967 (14th)
5. MrConway (17th)

Irish Freedom Party (5 TDs)

1. Rikian1776 (8th)
2. ChrisJF (1st)
3. micutzu (10th)
4. Elite C (5th)
5. Bhane (23th)

Independent Labour Party (7 TDs)

1. AD31 (4th)
2. Cry of the Banshee (2nd)
3. Liam Tatlock (12th)
4. EmperorPalpatine (15th)
5. Raven Anarcho (5th)
6. lougheoin (13th)
7. Fulgrant (1st)

Eire Aonair (9 TDs)

1. Mary Robinson (2nd time elected)
2. sir adriano prette (10th)
3. Achab Collins (2nd)
4. Ryan Flaherty (1st)
5. Uljanov (8th)
6. Rafaia (5th)
7. lee flanagan (3rd)
8. Johnny jnr (5th)
9. Ipsos Lysander (1th)

Now a few words on the incoming term.

First, I want to say I am saddened that we have, on the second day, a roguish proposal from the first candidate of EA. We only begun to discuss the proposition to reduce the taxes, and were trying to find a compromise to ensure both growth for the citizens and for the state, but Mary Robinson decided to propose without debate to reduce the work tax to 2%. While it may be a good idea, it needed discussion first.

Secondly, we can also notice that EA has the largest number of young TDs, while all the elected TDs from UI are over their 10th mandate (in bold). Castaneda and Bhane are the TDs who were elected the most often with 23 medals.

Finally, I must say I am quite displeased by division made between TDs in the congress threads. In one thread, you have all the people from the big parties (EA and ILP), while the small parties are in another thread (IFP, UI, IV). I think this isn't a good idea if we want to have good discussions, the best layout would at least include people from each parties in each threads. Currently, we can't know what EA and ILP positions are (the two most influent parties) since we are in another thread, and neither can they hear what we have to say.

While I know that the game limitations prevent us to have everyone in one thread, I think experience and political diversity would be appreciable in each congress thread to ensure better debates and better decision making. The more we can have diverse opinions, the better we can discern what seems the best for the eCountry.

That's about all I've had to say for now, until next time.

For a more livable and enjoyable eIreland,

Yours sincerely,

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Random Irish Guy
Random Irish Guy Day 2,107, 16:23

voted, nice work bud o7

Cry of Banshee
Cry of Banshee Day 2,107, 16:34

my vote.

just a precision about mary robinson : she proposed the law with the agreement of her party (and their TDs)
it's not really wild but it's without general discussion. (about the rate)

as i said, the congress will not be quiet this month 😉

Anthony Colby
Anthony Colby Day 2,107, 16:54

Voted. Very good point about the thread breakdown.

SUI does have a very experienced group of TDs. There is a good range of office holders. A little skewed towards the higher number of terms but there are some new faces.

Bhane Day 2,107, 17:08

I still strongly believe 1% is the work rate we need.

But, 2% is a fair compromise. I will support the proposal.

Damhnaic Day 2,107, 17:24

Like I said, maybe it's not a bad proposal, but it's still roguish and there was a lack of discussion on this matter.

Bhane Day 2,107, 17:27

There has a been a large amount of discussion in the articles, and plenty of debate in the thread after the proposal was made.

I would not completely call it a rogue proposal. We did not pre-vote it, so it is rogue-ish. But, I'm okay with the proposal, and I will vote for it.

Damhnaic Day 2,107, 17:29

Things were merely dusted, there was no real debate on this matter.

Ian E CoIeman
Ian E CoIeman Day 2,107, 17:43

I think there may have been some miscommunication in EA's thread. I gave the go ahead to bring 2% to the table for discussion, but I think Mary thought I meant to make the proposal. In that sense it may be premature.

Frankly though, we have all the information on this issue that we need. We've heard the views of the public and business owners. The MoF has provided estimates budgets based on different rates. We might have had some discussion about the difference between 8, 9, or 11 mpps, which probably wouldn't have had much objective substance...

As individual congress members I think our representatives have the information they need. We can make a decision now as far as I'm concerned. Or we can reject this proposal and live with 5% a while longer, either way is fine.

Damhnaic Day 2,107, 17:47

To ensure we don't encourage rogue proposal, even if it might be a good proposal, it should be voted against until we had a proper debate. "Information" is not all, there must be discussion.

Ian E CoIeman
Ian E CoIeman Day 2,107, 17:52

Someone will have to direct me to the congress guidelines as well so I can see what is considered rogue, or what the process for a legitimate proposal is. It seems a bit too abstract to me, although I don't debate that this proposal is premature.

Liam Tatlock
Liam Tatlock Day 2,108, 04:07

There are Congress guidelines?

AD31 the Highlander
AD31 the Highlander Day 2,107, 18:53

"Finally, I must say I am quite displeased by division made between TDs in the congress threads. In one thread, you have all the people from the big parties (EA and ILP), while the small parties are in another thread (IFP, UI, IV). I think this isn't a good idea if we want to have good discussions, the best layout would at least include people from each parties in each threads. Currently, we can't know what EA and ILP positions are (the two most influent parties) since we are in another thread, and neither can they hear what we have to say."

I believe the best part out of this article!


Cry of Banshee
Cry of Banshee Day 2,107, 19:27

all congressmen are in the same league lol ...i don't understand why brian boru initiated 2 threads, as a league one and league 2 ..

Bhane Day 2,107, 19:56

There is a limit of 30 people to mass mails.
30 congress + CP + important ministers = two threads are needed

The important crossover people are in both threads, and the rest of the TDs should be split roughly evenly. You do not want one thread with 30 and another thread with 5... that SUCKS for the 5.

Bhane Day 2,107, 20:54

I agree, it should be a mixed bag. Clearly the EA/ILP thread is going to get preferential attention. The majority of discussions will happen there, and the rest of us will be left out.

Ideally i would hope the inactive TDs would step up to the plate and honestly admit "I'm here just to vote on proposals." Every month there are many Dail members who don't participate in the discourse at all. Who knows if they even read the thread. If those people would be self-aware enough to acknowledge this, then we could filter them out without hurting their pride.

We could streamline the thread for discourse to the 30 most active members of gov't. That would be awesome.

Liam Tatlock
Liam Tatlock Day 2,108, 04:06

I'm not sure the EA/ILP thread will get any preferential attention, even if it does contain the most important people (that was a joke, in case anyone thinks otherwise!).

The proposal was rogue, inasmuch as it was proposed without the current Dail discussing it thoroughly, but it's not as rogue as an impeachment after one day or transferring money to an enemy.

My view on the tax remains unaltered - we need the data to judge what the different levels do so 2%, 3% and, possibly, 4% need trying. I know you're not going to agree with that, but it's all about opinions.

Releasethe Krakken
Releasethe Krakken Day 2,108, 06:20

no debate. i didnt see your opinion in the articles . look at the newspapers: number 1 article. i however agree with your assessment of there being many inexperienced players. else there would be more lifely debate in my 2 articles 2 discussing the effect of ALL WORK TAX RATES else 5% would never have passed.. I may add your the most inexperienced one as you SIMPLY DONT GET IT. atleast mary got it.

but lets admit what this really is about: Appleman is clueless, he points to number of MPP's for you to decide issues that affect your constituents, we voted you in that means you listen what we have to say. if you have a problem with that quit the congress.

and lastly appleman and you are just a case of not being willing to admit that I am right and that you are wrong.

Damhnaic Day 2,108, 07:18

I don't say I don't want taxes to be reduced. All I say is that this is a rogue proposal, the newly elected Dáil didn't have time to discuss on this nor was there an agreement.

In democracy there must be debate and/or discussion on ideas, it's primordial to good discernment.

And I would like to make you notice I've been playing this game for way longer then you, as "an inexperienced one that doesn't get it".

Damhnaic Day 2,108, 07:19

But well, I'm not surprised to see you insulting me and others again, that's all you seem to be able to do.

Releasethe Krakken
Releasethe Krakken Day 2,108, 11:14

i didnt insult you except perhaps the interference that your a noob. but do you really think i must pay 200+ IEP a day till the congress takes their time to debate the issue. This should have been debated before it was changed from 1 to 5. and it should be discussed with all players not just the congress.

Danilo Garcia
Danilo Garcia Day 2,108, 09:30

V and taxes must be reduced !

Viktor Kurgan Day 2,108, 09:44

Comment deleted

CoIIins Day 2,108, 09:46

What kind of debate you expect? We're debating this since the tax has been introduced lol

Support for Mary's proposal. Good work EA

Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Day 2,108, 10:07

Welcome back. Very pleased to see active TD's

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Day 2,108, 12:08

Again you get confused and going against your own words.

You can't be pleased with WHS and in the same time supporitng irish traitors and thiefs.

Unless you find WHS the same as your kunts...

And please stop role playing Game of are simple corrupted kunts muppet...who gets training golds to do things that even kunts find too dirty....

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Day 2,108, 11:59

This is the 4th time my comment get erased without any FP given....come on! i deserve it!

For you who didn't saw it i was talking about how malbekh use a stick with his party was quite explicit description....

pengs Day 2,108, 12:15

Very good article Damhnaic - very valid points raised - thanks!

AppleMan Day 2,108, 12:35

Either outcome of the vote won't matter much as we will have a proper proposal in a few days after sufficient discussion and possibly referendum.

CoIIins Day 2,108, 15:43

Good to hear

Sword Stalker
Sword Stalker Day 2,108, 16:34

I like what you say.

V to the Oted..

Paddy OBrien
Paddy OBrien Day 2,108, 17:48

I'd have to say Mary wasn't out of line. There has been constant debate on the subject since admin inflicted this stupid tax on us. It comes down to personal opinion in the end.

What I've heard from Appleman recently seems to add up to : Give me more money, and I'm still not giving you details on what I'm going to do with it. I know he's good with funds, but I don't see much accountability with our national treasury.

I'd also point out the end vote on the proposal to lower the work tax to 2% was 13-13, with 4 members of the Dail not voting. That's hardly a resounding defeat of a rogue proposal.

The Irish William Wallace
The Irish William Wallace Day 2,108, 21:09

Good article, I liked the part about the ILP/EA and the smaller parties being in a separate division. I know not all can be included in one PM, but we should look into this.

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