[Czech MoP] Weekly Tournament

Day 4,872, 04:24 Published in Czech Republic Czech Republic by Czech Ministry of Population

Dear citizens

We returned this week, after a lot of work, we continue to distribute our soldiers. The activity does not stop and we hope it improves week by week.
We appreciate the trust and we look forward to receiving inquiries if necessary and to be able to help those who need growing.

our first article

Week Winners.
Division 1
1º Houska2013 - 12 Q7
2º Garciella - 8 Q7
3º FalconG - 5 Q7

Division 2
1º Eddie Larton - 25 Q7
2º Tomas Gorzkiewski - 15 Q7

Division 3
1º JAN 007 - 30 Q7

Division 4
1º Nikolay Romanov SRB HN - 45 Q7
2º fwdre - 35 Q7
3º Micjonis I 20Q7

1º Member of MayDay - 20 Q5
2º Red Duck - 15 Q5
3º Fede514- 10Q5

We will continue to strive to make the country grow.

Minister of Population- Czech Republic

Country President - Czech Republic