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[CW] Weekly lotto. Winner #1 !!

Day 1,889, 07:20 Published in Canada Canada by Oinyo

This is the first weekly free lotto for CW 🙂
The weekly winner will win 100 Q6 tanks to help them out!

All active members on the feed in the last week have been assigned a number to their name.

Using this site

I roll dice = to the total number of people to get a number to spit out.

This week the number was 11.

Congrats Cruelbear! You have won 100 Q6 tanks!


Look forward next week everyone! You may be the lucky winner of the weekly lotto 😃




chriswen Day 1,889, 13:31

Lol, why do you do this?


klop123 Day 1,889, 14:47


besides, you should be stockpiling them Q7s not the Q6s ^__^

Oinyo Day 1,889, 16:52

Thx Chriswen! I will 😃
Klop I would but I could not keep this going long term at the costs..
Unless of course you would like to donate? 😃

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