[CW] open party chat.. + Tons of bad cat puns

Day 2,156, 09:50 Published in Canada Canada by Oinyo

To kick off this new term I am creating a new conversation section for the party 🙂

Please feel free to discuss here anything CW related OR entertainment related.

What you want to see. What you would like to see changed and what you hate 😛

This is your article and anything is open 😃

Just remember. You are our future and your ideas are what mold the party 😉
If you say nothing then little will change this month. (May not be a bad thing but its up to you to decide that)

Now... On to the terrible cat puns!

Oh also.. In the spirit of CW being so amazing 😃 A random poster will be gifted 50 Q7 tanks at the end of the week!! YEY!!