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[CT] Ponies of war- Today: reXmo (eng)

Day 1,719, 02:50 Published in Germany Germany by omg_87

Finally and long awaited: The third issue of "Ponies of war" introducing you to the Members of the 2nd Squad of FSK. This time we'll learn something about reXmo.


<CT> Hi there, I'm omg_87! I will do the interview with you.
<reXmo> Hi Boss : )

<CT> Tell me abit about the RL-Person behind this account.
<reXmo> I am from Bavaria, 26 years of age, student and I am working part time as a bartender/waiter.

<CT> So tell me a bit about you. When did you join eRepublik and where did you come from?
<reXmo> My erepublik birthday is May 26, 2010. There was a thread in a well known poker forum about this game, so I tried it.

<CT> What was your first experiences with eRepublik? What made you stay untill today?
<reXmo> Militarywise it was kinda frustrating as you didn't do any difference as a newb, but the economy module was very interesting. Back then I tried to start a q5 house company and the search for investors was quite exciting. I made a filling pages concept sheet, negotiated with interested parties, gave out weekly statistics, etc pp. But then they removed houses and the military module was made so "complicated", that it wasn't possible to play casually anymore, so I quit. 2 months ago I rejoined out of boredom though.

<CT> What are your current goals in eRepublik?
<reXmo> Making omg87 happy ;p

<CT> Do you have political ambitions?
<reXmo> I have political interest, but politician is a high risk no reward job. Even if your intentions are good and your dedication is high, as in real life every decision has a downside and you will get blamed for it. Also my knowledge about the game isn't perfect and my connections are bad.

<CT> Why did you join the FSK?
<reXmo> I looked at the options and asked in the FSK irc channel what they offer. omg87 talked to me and also answered a lot of follow up questions, so I ended up joining FSK.

<CT> So you're in the Ponybrigade. Are you a Brony? If so, do you admit it IRL or is it just an Internet thing.
<reXmo> Not really. I find it quite amusing, but I didn't have the time yet to take a deeper look at this "Brony" thing.

<CT> What was the most memorable battles you fought in or most memorable situations in yor eRep life?
<reXmo> When I rejoined I fought for Poland and made 300k damage cause I used all the rockets I somehow had. I didn't even realize I fought for Poland until Lokitown made fun of me for it some weeks ago. (proof is still visible in my profile)

<CT> Is there something else you wanna tell the world?
<reXmo> Thanks to the german community for beeing very helpful. I have been treated well by a lot of people regardless of which party or mu they were from. Even our president once spent quite some time answering my many noob questions. A nice community is very encouraging to stay and keep playing the game.



omg_87 Day 1,719, 02:53

Förster ^^

Kalif Batan
Kalif Batan Day 1,719, 02:56

Bavaria!!! \o/

Chocoflo Day 1,719, 02:59

jetzt weiß ich, warum du im wald lebst : 3

omg_87 Day 1,719, 03:01

Was dachtest du denn choci ? ^^

Chocoflo Day 1,719, 03:26

pedo und so...

Mr. Enya
Mr. Enya Day 1,719, 09:45

/) hufiert

Ramrr Day 1,719, 12:46

I really like your series of articles xD Voted and subbed (long time ago).

Brohoof from Loland ^^

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