[CSD] Czech Social Democrats to the Congress! [EN]

Day 2,834, 10:58 Published in Czech Republic Czech Republic by John Locked

Good morning to all!

As you all know, the congressional election will be tomorrow, and Czech Social Democrats presented their proposals and candidates again!

This month Our Candidates are:
1 John_White
2 Anton Zvync
3 rengaru
4 John Locked
5 The Reluctant Dragon
6 22Lukas11
7 Ariane II
8 milestailsprower
9 Frank Zafka
10 Red_Baxter

Last month we present two law proyects, one of which was approved and is in effect (New Immigration Law). This month we will work on getting the approval of two law projects (one of them is the project that we could not pass last month):

- Constitutional Reform: we believe that the current text of our constitution is ambiguous when trying to regulate the process of electing a new dictator. That is why we will open the debate on its integrated modification.

- Government Activity’s Diffusion Law: which aims to create and strengthen the diffusion of government activities, and so guarantee the right of all citizens of the country to know and demand to know the government's performance in the different areas that compose it.

It is for all of this and much more that we ask for your vote, because we want to be the first opposition force in Congress, because we want to carry your voice to the enclosure, because we want things done and done well. Therefore, Vote for us!

Once again, thank you very much for reading.