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[CPF] Randall for CPF!

Day 1,815, 18:35 Published in Canada Canada by Randall Flagg 1999

Never fear Auk! Randall is here!

I am not trying to shove you out the door......

but if you are done, then I think now is the time to restart my attempt at helming this party.

Yes, I know I’ve already started to bog this article down with pics, but I have a tendency of creating walls of text...

So anyway, why the hell should you vote me for the head of CPF? Well for starters I’ve been around long enough to know what to look for in a good congressman/woman. This as well as party communication are the two chief functions of this role and I hold no illusions about it being anything more.

In terms of setting up a congress list for the 25th, I will create a small application process to ease the selection process. This will also provide newer players the opportunity to become better known in the lead up to the election.

A good idea that Auk proposed was to encourage prospective members to create campaign articles. This I will also endorse. While congress is now voted as a group, getting your ideas out there is a great way to help direct policy.

As for communication I think continued use of the Moose-Call is vital to keep members in the loop. In another branch of the communication we have developed a good working relationship with ClanWolf. I wish to continue this relationship as both of our parties have flourished via cooperation. But I do stand firm in the independence of both our parties. We are separate entities.

Finally, how will I ask to help me?

There are four positions open and each are essentially just titles. But I will fill them with competent people nonetheless!

My preferences would be Jacobi for VP as I need a strong wingman, Plugson for secretary general as he is in my eyes a competent administrator, Auk for councillor as I still could use the odd nudge in the ribs to remind me of the important things and as for spokesperson, I still have yet to see someone I like.

That said, this is a working “wish list” and not my official “cabinet”.... yet....

Till next time,

Randall out!


Plugson Day 1,815, 18:58

Randall has the makings of a good PP. I'd vote for that.
And I wish the wishes on the wishlist could be granted but...

Randall Flagg 1999
Randall Flagg 1999 Day 1,815, 19:00

So an updated wish list:

Secretary-General: Jacobi
Councilor: Auk Rest (waiting....)

Auk Rest
Auk Rest Day 1,815, 19:35

Good to know you're in the running, Randall, best of luck to you!

Bryan Alexander
Bryan Alexander Day 1,815, 19:45

Very nice! Glad to see at the CPF we'll be in capable hands.

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,815, 20:09


Quim B. Muffins
Quim B. Muffins Day 1,815, 21:13

I'd vote Randall.

Crock Crosby
Crock Crosby Day 1,815, 21:38

You seem to have over looked one of the most important jobs for a CPF PP. When legislation that falls under our 7 tenents comes up for votes, is it not the PPs job to ensure that CPF congressmembers vote as a bloc. Informing CPF congress members of such votes through PMs and making sure individuals who vote against legislation related to the 7 tenent are not able to be re-elected?

Jacobi Day 1,816, 04:31

Crock Crosby, I've asked him to consider the Secretary-General job as exactly that. A whip who can monitor Congressional activity.

Randall Flagg 1999
Randall Flagg 1999 Day 1,816, 04:49

The seven tenets will be upheld, no doubt there. The role of PP is an organizer. And right now I am organizing a team which will be able to keep the CPF on the right track.

Leo Balzac
Leo Balzac Day 1,816, 09:01

I recall some girly crying and whining when the CPP decided to vote as a bloc one month. I think it may even have come from CPF...

Exalted Druid
Exalted Druid Day 1,816, 10:25

I would not vote against my conscious. No point being a congressmen if you would. From what I have seen the big job is to insure we get active congress members that contribute to discussions and actually show up to votes. When it takes 3 or 4 days to get a quorum it is embarrassing.

Mochan Drust
Mochan Drust Day 1,816, 11:19

I respect Randall for one thing:
When noone from congress used to tell people wtf is going on in our eCountry and what are they up to, Randall stepped out in the light with his articles explaining everything that happened in congress. I think he published his articles weekly, so

GL buddy.

Randall Flagg 1999
Randall Flagg 1999 Day 1,816, 14:50

It's been awhile since I did those; mainly because congress was becoming somewhat more open to public scrutiny. It was fun, will have to think if it's needed again...

ErickLeRouge Day 1,817, 09:10

You know you have my vote

Gherk Day 1,817, 12:18

Randall Kennedy is a well know elevator inspector in Canada. Elevators are used to help you reach greater heights with ease. Just saying

Randall Flagg 1999
Randall Flagg 1999 Day 1,817, 15:02

Fun fact: I distrust elevators

Randall Flagg 1999
Randall Flagg 1999 Day 1,817, 16:03


VP: ZachAttack8
Secretary-General: Jacobi
Councilor: Auk Rest

Why ZachAttack8? Because he has been around for as long as I and he is an honest player. True, he has stayed out of politics, but that gives him a fresh perspective on congress.

Adrastos Amon
Adrastos Amon Day 1,817, 21:45

Vote for Randall!

Sally Willis
Sally Willis Day 1,818, 00:19

I'm convinced. Ya got my vote mate.

klop123 Day 1,818, 07:58

GO Randall! \o/

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