Day 2,508, 12:55 Published in Cyprus Greece by Adieu.

Merhaba kankiler
Geia filos mou,
Lalaba pampito xdxd

CP elections are coming
and with the strong desire of my party
I'm naturally forced to introduce to you my candidacy
at the supreme post of POT-CYRIUS and ruler of Semih-alliance.

This month will be month of great change worldwide
and you need a stronk leader
who knows the peepee size of each CP. 🙁

Here's the program:

AS on China.

Foreign Affairs
Creation of the Balkan Alliance.
Creation of an international MU to fight for Balkan countries and declared friends.

Creation of the Axis : Commonwealth of Canada, Cyprus & Portugal.

Continue to steal Plato.

Accept citizenship of every greeks, turks, lazokrats and balkan friends who swear allegiance to our gay prophet: Pampuan Reyiz and promise faithfulness to our go😛 Anan.

Take care of cousins.

Here's my cabinet:

Great Spy of the Imperatore: Pampuan reyiz
Nightly Whisperers: Elasitomaxos
Hand of the King: adamjensenn

Minister of Defense: Mithrantir & The Oncoming Storm
Minister of Foreign Affairs: xAM xAM & Marabu & Yellow Peepee & Maya
Master of Coins: Kaniballos & Ergenekon

Minister of Fast Foo😛 Mc Recep Denktas
Minister of Babies: Tolgaksk & Vash

Minister of Axis: mixail95

NB: Caps are 4 fags < 3

Finway Divi Filius~