[CP] Week 2/3ish - Help! Help! I'm being repressed...

Day 4,751, 07:16 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by 10 Downing Street

Welcome to the eUK

Afternoon gents o/,

I do apologise for the (major) delay releasing this. Erep and real life have proven to be a bit of a b***** but with the rather daft events going on I fear I’ve put this off long enough...

Unfortunately our training wars have deteriorated into a bit of a circus act the past week - appears Mikko, the Serbian CP, has gone awol which more or less leaves us at the mercy of their auto attack.

We also have our own local #1 toddler back on the rampage. Until the silly sod can keep his toys in the pram and fight on the right side we’ll have to call off our training wars with Ireland and Indonesia.

This leaves us with our arrangements with Asteria who should be slightly harder to **** with.

Erep anniversary event

(Cheers to wingfield for typing this up)

If you haven’t started, you are LATE! You might need to spend some cc to catch up with early unlocks. However, don’t throw all of your money away!

Start at a junction! This is VERY IMPORTANT! You can’t queue destinations to be unlocked until you have your first place unlocked. When you unlick your first, try to have another two or three to unlock as soon as possible.

Check the map an PLAN your itinerary. You can be following multiple trails but can only queue three places. The time for the second and third do not start until the first is unlocked.

Don’t forget to claim your rewards!

Now, this is CRUCIAL. Plan your unlocking queue intelligently. You can queue the short time unlocks while you are awake or at home. Medium queued locations can be ticking away while you are at work or school or down the pub (if not locked down). Let the long clock locations run overnight while you are asleep.
Use the clock and your personal life schedule to your advantage.

Remember that you can accumulate miles and energy by working, training, fighting and travelling. You need that to be able to claim rewards.

There is also a pack you can buy which allows you to collect bonus rewards in each location and gives you a miles and energy boost to begin with as well.

Make sure you get that permanent energy centre at Punta Delgada!

Good luck and happy collecting!

Housing bonuses

Earlier in the term a conversation with Huey led to an agreement to underwrite the first 3 months expenses. This was to test whether there was any merit in establishing the eUK as the ‘last housing hub’, without any cost to the taxpayer.

The results so far have been pretty interesting. Should hopefully have a beefier update for you on this when we’ve got a bit more data.

Air policy

Pilots under CMS* will be thrown a fiver for every kill in the air which I'll pay out shortly after this is released.

Remember, you can also claim a bonus every rank up til you hit CMS*/100% damage.

Airman - £1000 every *
Senior Airman - £1500 every *
Staff Sergeant - £2250 every *
Aviator - £3000 every *
Flight Lieutenant - £5000 every *
Squadron Leader - £10,000 every *
Chief Master Sergeant - £30,000
Chief Master Sergeant* - £50,000

MoF - Housing Grant, Training Grounds Upgrades & BoE Trust

Any eUK citizen can apply ‘ere or via pm for a £10k housing grant.

It’s important you have at least one q1 active as it more than pays for itself in ‘overtime tickets’ and provides extra health and regeneration to fight with. Get yours now o7

We also offer a loan if you’re interested in taking advantage of the regular -45% training grounds offer. Owing to the 10g/day gold limit this has to be arranged in advance so contact Huey George today.

Huey also runs the Bank of England trust fund. This is a joint investment on the monetary market between private citizens and the bank, split 60/40 to you. If you have any spare cc you’re not using then drop him a line and get in touch.

Resource Concessions

With Spain switching to a food and weapons economy this may be the first month where the minimal returns clause kicks in (£150k for iron, £75k for fish). I’m not sure what magic Huey’s using to calculate and juggle all the concession fees this month, and fear to ask, but it does at least look like Mongress will be denied it’s beloved donate law… indefinitely

Training Wars update

LOSE all attacks from Serbia and Bulgaria;
WIN all our resistance wars.
Ping-pong with Romania (each take turns to lose the attack)

If either side has an unclaimed BH/SH after 30mins feel free to take it.

Take care lads, hope you're getting through lockdown alright o/

Username - Kills - CC paid

D I W 289 1445
Pontefract 177 885
Elad Cirith 149 745
Ebrietas 148 740
Keithunder 131 655
Matrix Neon 108 540
Bucketman 102 510
Evil Doctor 101 505
Crasianos 100 500
Mr. Ronnie Kray 91 455
Waynetta King 75 375
Bull a rum 69 345
Harry Irene 63 315
Smallman 61 305
Kapten Johnson 57 285
Mel Morris 55 275
Allan Saltwater 54 270
Athena. 52 260
Maximum Primus Delicious 50 250
Reginald Kray 48 240
Kopparberget 45 225
Sunbrain 44 220
Warlordmax 44 220
Webley2 41 205
KwokRocker 39 195
Citizen 79604228 38 190
Lady MacBeth II 37 185
James Anselm 37 185
Man Friday 36 180
Glen Bank 32 160
Baron Noir 28 140
Bosko Balaban 25 125
Neil Lewis 25 125
Panda v2023 25 125
Jacob Christopher Brown 23 115
Charles Frobisher 16 80
Septuagenarian 14 70
fielkun14 14 70
Maddager 13 65
Sumadinac95 9 45
Peter Meadley 6 30
harveytailbanger 5 25