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[CP] Treaty with Sweden [DE|EN

Day 1,712, 06:25 Published in Germany Germany by Bundeskanzleramt


Nachdem wir bereits mehrfach mit Schweden über eine Änderung des vorhanden Vertrages verhandelt haben sich jedoch der schwedische Kongress dagegen gestellt hat und wir nun eine relativ unproduktive Phase der Verhandlungen hatten, habe ich entschieden das es genug ist und wir unsere Region zurückholen. Es geht im Detail darum, dass wir zwei Regionen an Schweden abgegeben haben welche ihnen einen 40 prozentigen Zusatz an Nahrung liefern und wir bisher nichts dafür bekommen haben. Nun haben der schwedische Präsident und ich entschieden den Vertrag wie ich ihn vorgeschlagen hatte zu unterschreiben und zu veröffentlichen, wodurch er offiziell gültig wird.



We have had negotiations with Swedens government in the past of this month already about changing the treaty, but since the last proposal was rejected by the Swedish congress we kind of had a very unproductive phase of our negotiations and I decided that enough is enough and ordered our troops to take back our regions. The former treaty gave Sweden two regions which provided them with 2 food bonus while they did not have to pay. Now the swedish President and I have decided to sign the new treaty and publish it in our newspapers to make it official.


Here we go:

Agreement between Germany and Sweden.

- German representative: ilphen, President of Germany

- Swedish representative: Volcker, President of Sweden

1. Sweden will keep German core territories.

2. Sweden will hold 2 regions: Brandenburg and Berlin and Mecklenburg Western-Pommerania. These regions will not be given up at any moment to any other country.

3. Germany will not start or support any resistance war in regions mentioned in point 2.

4. If Sweden loses control over one region mentioned in point 2:

The governments of Sweden and Germany are going to have a meeting about the return of the region to Sweden as soon as possible.

5. This agreement starts with the date of signing and will be renewed every 7th of month at 12:00 eRepublik time automatically, if both parties will not agree otherwise.

6. Both Germany and Sweden are obliged to work on diplomatic solutions in case a foreign power tries to interfere with this agreement.

7. Sweden pays a rent of 90 Gold per months to Germany on 7th of each month for the regions mentioned in point 2 starting with the 28th of July.

8. This treaty can be changed by the country presidents of Germany & Sweden if mutual agreement is present.

This treaty will come into immediate effect when the following 2 conditions have been met:

- Both Country Presidents mentioned above agree with this proposal,

- Both sides have published this treaty in the official state newspaper of their countries.

SIGNED 07-28-2012 3:30 eRepublik time

ilphen, President of Germany

SIGNED 07-28-2012 3:30 eRepublik time

Volcker, President of Sweden

Offizielle Zeitungen / official governmental newspapers:

Der Bundesanzeiger
Auswärtiges Amt
Terra HQ
Die eDeutschland Bibliothek

Wichtige Links und Guides / Important Links and Guides:

Unser Forum / Our board
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Bundeskanzleramt Day 1,712, 06:26

First denied.

Larm Day 1,712, 06:27


ilphen Day 1,712, 06:27

signed o7

Unkel Scheuren
Unkel Scheuren Day 1,712, 06:38


Prophet009 Day 1,712, 06:39

Nice, reasonable solution. Congratz o/

Mr. Enya
Mr. Enya Day 1,712, 06:49

good work.


Mark We
Mark We Day 1,712, 06:54


Mark We
Mark We Day 1,712, 06:57

netter zeitpunkt btw, nachdem ich 1,4mil gedropped habe

imbacktoo Day 1,712, 07:15

Reasonable solution? yesterday your president was supporting de RW and today you rent the regions? 90 golds for the regions and how much for the president? german brothers LTA. Your president, did a great bussiness (for him/herself), yesterday started quickly the RW to earn the RW medals, and today after you earn that accept to rent the region, hahaha. That is no respect for the germans who fougth, neither for the allies that spent many kk of damage, for a rent!!!

Mark We
Mark We Day 1,712, 07:20


Julius Sachs
Julius Sachs Day 1,712, 07:21

Diese Sache ist also vorerst erledigt. Können wir uns jetzt Midtjylland zuwenden?

Volcker Day 1,712, 07:23

@imbacktoo: Corruption might be common in your e- and IRLcountry but I'm 100% sure that ilphen won't grab the 90 gold for him/herself. That's just a childish accusation.

Freiheitskaempfer Day 1,712, 07:33


Midtjyllanderoberung ist schon angefangen:

imbacktoo Day 1,712, 07:51

Hey guys, can I rent Syddanmark for 90 gold per month I always wonna have my own region here your presdent is selling regions for bargains 40 euros for a month, I spend more in one dinner than the hole Swedish in a productive region, haha. Give me a call, I could pay you 100 GOLD for month!!!

nononever Day 1,712, 07:53

amen und enter

Ivaylo88 Day 1,712, 07:53

haha prophet009 a polish greet us for "reasonable " solution what a disgrace

imbacktoo Day 1,712, 07:54

@Volcker you have all my respect, you was quick on reflex and got a bargain deal!!! you pay the rent for that region with nothing of effort!! you are the one!!!

Shinigamieyed Day 1,712, 07:55

Vielleicht ein schlechter Zeitpunkt, der Schaden hätte besser verbraucht werden können. Aber wenn das schwedische Parlament erstmal sehen musste, dass wir es auch zurückerobern können ^^

Finway Day 1,712, 08:00


omg_87 Day 1,712, 08:02

Shinigami hat es gut zusammengefasst. Die Verhandlungen waren eigentlich gut gelaufen, dann aber an nem toten Punkt. Man musste Schweden vor eine Entweder/Oder wahl stellen, dann ging das. MIt dem Ergebnis können denke ich beide Seiten gut leben.

imbacktoo Day 1,712, 08:11

This my last comment before returning to my eCountry with my first eDeception. Guys, you have to fire your economy minister, the amount of weapons distributed last nigth cost you more than 90 GOLD, The div 4 damage wasn´t buy with 10 q6!!!.

Anyway, good luck guys...

Shinigamieyed Day 1,712, 08:21

Pretty experienced for a new player. Your old account got banned for multie?
Y u mad, bro?

eisenmutter2 Day 1,712, 08:29

@imbacktoo Day 1,712, 08:11
whats your problem - math?
q6-weapon = max 20cc
and 90g = min 117.000cc (1:1300)

= 5.850 q6-weapon = 35.100hits

KTTRS Day 1,712, 08:33

imbacktoo, the whole reason for the RW was to get those 90g..
I mean the region itself is useless to us...

imbacktoo Day 1,712, 08:34

@Shinigamieyed, certainly you don´t need a PhD to understand the game dynamic, just a little of maths. And mad is not the word, as I told is dissapointed, my first coordinated action with my MU and I feel that we were betrayed.

But is just a game, isn´t it?

PD: 179K of damage killing 105 figthng with q2 weapons expendig 20 energy bars is not what an experienced player does, not?

LadyGyllenhaal Day 1,712, 08:39

Nice work 🙂
I do agree with treaty ...


imbacktoo Day 1,712, 08:40

Hey, I didn´t want´t to mobilize the hole parlament with explanations, I´m just one more rocky dissapointed...

eisenmutter2 Day 1,712, 08:51

breaking news: newbies with no clue about politics and the game are whining

but sure RWing one region just to lose it later + have damage-loss in multiple battles over it in the next weeks is better then tricking the enemy into paying gold for a region we don't need and ending the battles

Tiriumski Day 1,712, 08:57

Why are you so shortsighted? This treaty is a bigger help for Germany compared to a region that is reconquered in the blink of an eye (NE).

Brezelaran Day 1,712, 08:57


Shinigamieyed Day 1,712, 08:57

Well, that's a better way of debating than your comments before, isn't it? I can understand that you're dissapointed, but that happened to me fighting for Argentina, too, back in my days in eJapan.

eisenmutter2 Day 1,712, 09:01

strategy & diplomacy is what a small country in a warzone needs to be on the map and germany is such a country

so strategy & diplomacy is what they use to survive. with the attitude of "my regions are mine" you just get a polish boot up your a55 and your regions are gone

JPBlade Day 1,712, 09:24

could not have summarized the german position better than eisenmutter did.

imbacktoo Day 1,712, 09:40

I think that the strategy is ok, start a RW to force sweeden to rent the region, but for 90GOLD a month!!! with 1 year of rent (=1080 GOLD) you can´t buy a Q7 factory (1220 GOLD). As an individual strategy its ok, many months will pass until I can see 90 GOLDS. But as a country strategy with almost 4000 active citizens (ask them 0,01 GOLD per day and you will collectd daily 40 GOLD,x 30 days = 1200 GOLD on a month). Sorry men, but may be I missed something.

eisenmutter2 Day 1,712, 10:08

@imbacktoo Day 1,712, 09:40
well what's the income of sweden?

germany had (with 1:1400)

1158g last month
and 90g is 7.77% of that

and with less regions + boni this month in germany because of poland the 90g are worth even more

so what do you want from sweden?
400g and with that like half of the monthly income... yeah

imbacktoo Day 1,712, 10:09

Is not what I want, I what germans want. Besides, you forgot to calculate take into account the income to sweden due to the 20% bonus. If the all swedish population were rokies like me, with the 3 farms and the food q1 that we all start they make (the hole country) 35 GOLD per month just selling the production obtained with the bonus. But all we know that the they have more than 3 farms and 1food q1, so the incomes are more than that.

imbacktoo Day 1,712, 10:13

Thats why I congrats Volker, because they made an very good deal, they are making more money with the bonus and the rent is payed itself, and they have an extra income. A master movement, strategicaly thinked,

eisenmutter2 Day 1,712, 10:24

@imbacktoo Day 1,712, 10:11
of course the swedish make more money with the regions why would he sign the treaty in the first place if not for money?

the point is:
germany gets some money + germany and all allies don't have to waste damage against sweden in battles over german regions from now on

+ i don't know where your numbers come from so, no comment on that

imbacktoo Day 1,712, 10:46

"... and all allies don't have to waste damage against sweden ..."
Thats the funniest. For 90 golds you shouldn´t have mobilize allies forces as your president did. If your army is strong, you can do it by yourself, you could preasure with this "war" to push up the price. And if you mobilize allies, at least you must aware them of your intention, thats what ALLIES do. Somebody, told a newbie talking of politics... well I can see how is the politic made by experts

imbacktoo Day 1,712, 10:49

The numbers that I used I have obtained fromfrom Sweden page to know the number of active players. The rest y just mutiply poeple for raw and food production over the 20% bonus per daym then multiplied for 30days . Estimated in CC and converted in GOLD acording today cotization 1500CC = 1 Gold. c´mon, it easy

eisenmutter2 Day 1,712, 11:08

@imbacktoo Day 1,712, 10:46

well germany isn't strong. thats why they get wiped if they don't use diplomacy and if a battle comes they call allies if needed. that's why they used diplomacy that's why you where ask to fight for your ally.
with no battles on german core regions they are free to fight for their allies like they always do.

but pissing all neighbors off and getting germany wiped seems to have a better ring in your ears i guess

eisenmutter2 Day 1,712, 11:12

germany is either wiped or they have treaties like this one most of the time
and with that they are free to fight mainly for their allies

i don't really get why you are whining about helping germany to get a stable position again

negronet11 Day 1,712, 11:14

@ eisenmutter2
  hahahaha looks like this fellow comrade imbacktoo BBs to call it puts you at the height of the German economic situation and was talking to you first talk to your president for RW! if not ask him if it is not.
Hahahaha advice comrade, never underestimate the other by appearances ....

We came to fight with you, never forget that!

eisenmutter2 Day 1,712, 11:22

@negronet11 Day 1,712, 11:14
well i don't really get why it's a bad idea to get germany a 7.77 or even 10% money-bumb

the sweden would have just taken the regions for zero gold if germany and their allies together wouldn't have shown them that they can win battles and the regions. so germany had to call for help to make a point.

and the swedish finances are not really what matters and calculations with pretty numbers are nice to show off but the tax situation of sweden is whats important

eisenmutter2 Day 1,712, 11:22

the other 80% of your comment i didn't get

Shinigamieyed Day 1,712, 11:29

How can you argue about that for 3 hours straight?
We are thankful that our allies helped us to show Sweden, that they can't take our regions for free AND we make money. Sweden would have tried to keep the regions occupied without paying.

Next time we will help Argentina to achieve what they want or any other of our close allies.

So what's the point?

eisenmutter2 Day 1,712, 11:38

they just don't know what they are talking about...

"good" ideas like:

imbacktoo Day 1,712, 10:46
"you could preasure with this "war" to push up the price."

would just get poland involved. and poland is even pushes the USA back. so with that plan germany will be gone without any noticeable resistance...

Awesome Prussia
Awesome Prussia Day 1,712, 13:44

haven`t seen much allies in div 4 : D

Felix Wendeborn
Felix Wendeborn Day 1,712, 16:01

Was wird mit den 90 Gold jeden Monat denn angestellt?

ilphen Day 1,712, 16:05

kommt auf die bank : 3
und dann haben wir vllt irgendwann mal wieder bissl goldz

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