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[CP] The End

Day 2,146, 16:47 Published in South Africa Poland by El Reto

New month begun, and (finally) president term is coming to the end.
For a last time in this month as a president I want thank again all the people who supported and voted me month ago. You gave me wonderful opportunity to lead the country for whole duration of term, neglect my life, and meet some wonderful people.
Thanks again, and I hope, I could do it again later.
Let's take a quick glance into my platform check and asset my promises.

1. War with Brazil
We had closed the war quickly, and gained independence in first few days.

2. Colombia, Uruguay, Argentina
We sticked together nearly all the time. Our common goal lead to wiping-out Brazil for a long time, and left them without congress.

3. Securing Congress
My most important goal had been achieved. We had first full congress elections in two months.

4. Better place for communes
It was found, communes holders are free to move into country with high bonus.

5. Baby boom
After long discussion with some natives, and recognition of SA standards, we decided to grow population in some other way.

6. Resignation of neutrality
We had debate in congress about joining TWO/ACT. Voting is currently under way.
We are also finalising our accession treaty negotiations.

7. Cooperation with Emergency Congress
I think I, or we did well. Even very well. Congress was informed about every move in two ways, via forum and in-game PM. I've even was leading congress for short time, while speaker was unreachable.
Hope congressman are also satisfied with our cooperation.

8. National organizations
I submitted this case to congress, together with list of orgs.


First of all, to thank Wilpanzer, my vice President.
Thank You for all the work. I hope You'll end up well as a President;

To Greekpwner for sparing so much of his free time to MoDing;

To AdUnit for education and helping newbies;

To Marmaduke for insulting soviets;

To Kiko for doing his best;

To Ejda for enormous work in hunting and reporting multies.
And also for being right. Yup, You definitely won our small argument;

To Grim for governing our orgs very well;

To Claudio, for some good trolling;

To UP core for giving me huge support during campaign;

To kuckuck, Gregor Lucius and other eSA fighters for hard fighting when we were in need of it;

To Valeyrad, for some important pics;

To Pierre Dzoncy, for all the serious talks;

Dla wszystkich polaków, za przemiłe nazywanie mnie murzynem, czarnuchem, niggerem itp. Dziena!

I've saved the best for last, to Brendam for being shiny star in lonesome and sleepless nights. Also for long late-night (at least for me, damn time zones) talks.

Going to sleep. Finally.
El Reto


eazyjp Day 2,146, 16:49


Pierre Dzoncy
Pierre Dzoncy Day 2,147, 00:25

"To Pierre Dzoncy, for all the serious talks;" - I can't remember when I was serious in this game for the last time, but OK xD. Good Job El Presidente!

metronilze Day 2,147, 00:38

Eł retą zrzuca swoją trawiastą spódniczkę i wraca do cywilizacji 😮

kacper5422 Day 2,147, 04:17

Chcieć się uczyć więc przyjechać do Polski 😮

Adieu. Day 2,147, 00:52


Lesqx Day 2,147, 03:37

Vote o/

Wilpanzer Day 2,147, 05:26


Pickn Day 2,147, 08:45

Good work!

kuckuck Day 2,148, 07:44

Comment deleted

kuckuck Day 2,148, 07:48

Good term

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