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[CP] - Thank you & First Updates

Day 1,844, 10:28 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by BigAnt
[CP] - Thank you & First Updates

OK, this will be short as I've just been called back to work on a Friday night, Yeah great stuff...

Anyway firstly, a massive thank you to all those who voted for me, I'm massively grateful and proud to present you again. I tried to reply to all your mails and if I missed you out I apologise.

Belgium Training War (TW)

TW NE is up : See here

First part of business tonight, yesterday I spoke to the Belgium CP about a possible TW. He seems equally excited as myself to get some action so we now await their congress to discuss it. The proposal should be up and running tonight, so we may have some war this time tomorrow night, Yay!

Cabinet Moving in

As you can imagine, we are all getting settled in for the month ahead. We are waiting for a few orgs/passwords and then recruiting for staff will shortly take place for areas like the MoD and MoFA/HA if you are interested in helping out this month then please mail those ministers involved, with said ministries you are interested in helping.

So What other things could happen

I had an idea today to start an online Radio Show (eUK Live Radio) - The radio show we have it's own website and links (in theory) and will eventually have DJ hosts covering slots within the day and week.

For Example "Talons Tasty Tea Time Show" or "BigAnt's Breakfast show"

Its all very new and ideas are in the air. If you have experience or have set up an Online radio channel before please get in touch with either myself or Apronchef please.

DJ slots are obviously "Closed" at the moment, we need to know if this will work before taking applications. I'm also looking for some feedback for this so please get in touch, it may work, it may fail but it could be a brilliant way to communicate to the nation and give FAST war updates etc.

Thats it for now, back to work I go! Just great lol

Country President of eUK


BigAnt Day 1,844, 10:28

Radio Show \o

FragUK Day 1,844, 10:37

When its up and running ill see if i can code my bot to broadcast the link to IRC channels.


Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Day 1,844, 10:38

Hang on, weren't you slagging a TW not so long ago in favour of a sexy war? Y'know, one involving a little...risk....

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 1,844, 10:40

Looking forward to some war !

I have already run a radio show for the bulldogs I was telling Mr Woldy yesterday, it works well .


BigAnt Day 1,844, 10:56

I said it would depend on the timing and TWO happened on last day of my campaign, so this option makes us happy and our alliance 🙂


Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 1,844, 11:07

It's also safer now, you can attack every 72 hours instead of 24 - if attacked from elsewhere we could shift the Belgian battles around to avoid the real ones.

CptChazbeard. Day 1,844, 11:08

Glad to see the TW hasn't disappeared. Radio show sounds like a jolly idea. Voted o7

Emergy Maxfell
Emergy Maxfell Day 1,844, 11:16



Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 1,844, 11:33

Voted. Many thanks to Don Dapper for his tireless campaign for a war and to Big Ants government for getting one going \o/

Top work all around

lancer450 Day 1,844, 12:02


Talon Karrde
Talon Karrde Day 1,844, 13:08

Voted and supported on all counts so far, here's to a top term.

LongShotzZ Day 1,844, 13:47

Voted and Subbed, good luck with the radio station idea, I love it!

Xanthar Zaiban
Xanthar Zaiban Day 1,844, 21:20


BigAnt Day 1,845, 01:46

NE is has been up 12hrs so wil kick in later tonight yay!

Major Lee Hung
Major Lee Hung Day 1,845, 06:47

eAustralia attempted a radio show idea a couple of years back; it was very hard for the guys running it to keep people interested in it for longer than a week.

Huey George
Huey George Day 1,845, 07:46


BigAnt Day 1,845, 09:31

if we have music and competitions etc daily and some way to monitor listeners. Hell if it does take off we could promote to all of erep ..

Nova.Navid Day 1,845, 13:35


Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 1,845, 22:34

Lack of trolling shows what a good job your doing Big Ant. Keep it up mate, brilliant start O7

Bigheaded Day 1,846, 08:44

personally think that the radio won't really catch on. Unless it's simply for more experienced players, but unless there's REAL reasons to be involved i can't imagine too much activity on it.
agree with joshua, will work for a week or so, then user levels will drop off. Even with giveaways and such, i can't really see there being large numbers.
not much to say on the TW. I don't really care for it any more as i've got plenty of TP medals. Still others will have fun with it.
thanks for updates

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