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[CP] Spain.

Day 1,905, 20:11 Published in Canada Canada by CoIoneI Sanders

Quite a few updates already.
Earlier today my Cabinet and I sat down for a meeting with Spain.

It was one of the moments you actually find yourself enjoying eRepublik.
Venerable, I-Bleed-Blue and I discussed the recent wipe, the previous meeting, and did a little bargaining here and there.

The best part being that Dozzer translated everything between the Spanish and Canadian Cabinet.

Now the exact details are classified at the moment I will let you know there is progress being made and we will sit down again tomorrow with Spain before we finalize anything.

I would like to ask that all citizens begin to save up energy bars and bazookas and build up your weapon reserves overall.

This is going to be hard to ask of you, but do not support the resistance war when you can tomorrow around 09:00. Wait till around 12:00 to start it in a western region only.

My cabinet.

Venerable - Prime Minister
Oinyo - Advisor
Shoi12 - MoFA
Dozzer_x - Deputy MoFA
Toad22 - MoE
I-Bleed-Blue-93 - MoD
Chewytaz - Deputy MoD

A few of us have talked with Asgard HQ already. There is some awesome people that my team and I will have the opportunity to work with this month. Hopefully we can seal the deal and be accepted as a full member!

I'm still waiting on a couple friend requests before I can create my group pm for MU commanders.
Also if anyone knows where all the official Government Pictures, be sure to chuck me a pm!


Venerable Day 1,905, 20:13

Progress on day 6 of the month, what?

Raven Anarcho
Raven Anarcho Day 1,905, 20:15

v, nice to hear. o7

Plugson Day 1,905, 20:16

As they say, two heads are better than one. Keep at it. o7

panzer1990panzer Day 1,905, 20:25

Sounds promising, keep up the good work o/

CptKaydee Day 1,905, 20:25

This month looks like it might be fun.

Foxfire Day 1,905, 20:26

Excellent news. Nice to see the CP hitting the ground running.


TemujinBC Day 1,905, 20:29

Impeach this madman

I-Bleed-Blue-93 Day 1,905, 20:36

Reporting for duty. o7

ragalanow jadon
ragalanow jadon Day 1,905, 20:39

^ exactly. just wait i'm betting the deal we're about to broach is laughable and ass kissing. could be wrong i guess we'll see. impeach him allready!

Eric Last
Eric Last Day 1,905, 20:45

Venoms taking shit seriously? Who'da thunk it.

Keep on with it, man - I didn't think you had it in you, but now that I do, maybe this month will be more than okay.


TheBurningMan Day 1,905, 20:48


Dozzer_x Day 1,905, 21:36


Maegalodonus Day 1,905, 21:51

Comment deleted

Maegalodonus Day 1,905, 21:53

Oh wait, there's el minino too as well. juas...

mierders everywhere.

Call him micifú. Everybody does.

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 1,905, 22:26


JaxTaylor Day 1,905, 22:47

Will wait for attack orders

Homer J Simpson
Homer J Simpson Day 1,906, 23:23


TheJuliusCaesar Day 1,906, 00:15


JeguljaM Day 1,906, 00:37


crisfire Day 1,906, 01:04

No deal with Spain!

Venerable Day 1,906, 04:57

They did say "cow" like a million times.

Technician Day 1,906, 05:28

Chickenman he's everywhere

Oinyo Day 1,906, 05:53

"Great men do not seek power, they have power thrust upon them."


Venerable Day 1,906, 06:19

Ragalanow, stop it. It's not funny anymore. It's business time.

William Steele
William Steele Day 1,906, 06:41

... he's banned now.

Stamkoze Day 1,906, 08:16

A banned CP. Yeah...

Douglas Mckeever
Douglas Mckeever Day 1,906, 08:29

Love your CP's 'about me' post: "I'm not who you think I am" His name is legion? lol

Quim B. Muffins
Quim B. Muffins Day 1,906, 09:04

I am feeling impeachy... nothing personal, hell, I'da been OK with Venoms as CP, but eCanada can not be President-less. Look at us, wiped and having just knowingly (that's the worst part of all this) a multi as a President, who is going to take us seriously? We're laughingstocks. For shame!

Xvidian Day 1,906, 12:09

I always thought o7 was like.. q7 and everyone was just like... "q7 article!"

SvetlaNN Day 1,907, 11:36

o7 🙂

ragalanow jadon
ragalanow jadon Day 1,907, 12:11

*Ragalanow, stop it. It's not funny anymore. It's business time.*
just when you think it is... BANG BANNED! lol I'm stopping now even though i could think of so much to comment on Rolo soon to come out CP article. this was just so i could say called it

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