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[CP] Referendum results and eSpain

Day 1,945, 01:01 Published in Ireland Brazil by MUFC992

Good morning eIreland,
First of all, with a one day late: HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY! I hope ya all survived last night drinking, yesterday world was Irish!

I’m pleased to announce results of Irish referendum considering alliance membership and which direction eIreland should go. Before I present you results and explain what does it really means for us in future, I’d like to tell you something I find really low.

Yesterday, one of the biggest eCountries in the world made serious threats to us. It’s eSpain and their Government member Mininuns who openly stated that if eIreland joins CUA, Spain will invade us. That’s a threat made by a huge country, probably 10 times stronger then us, but without right to decide bout OUR future. People of Ireland choosen their future alliance and side by huge majority of votes and there’s no power in the world which can stop eIreland from doing what its citizens want. So I have a message for Spain: Come at us, if you have b*lls to do it.
Since it was ultimatum, made by a big bully country who don’t have b*lls to attack any country of its size so they are picking smaller ones nothing surprising there. One thing is sure, we'll make them sorry saying that, I can promise you that!

I have to say I wasn’t pleased with UK administration aswell, they stated that our efforts to make a nice relations will be ruined if we join CUA.
Dear UK, you’re the last one who will decide what we’re going to do considering our foreign politics. We’ve always been honest in our efforts to become closer to you and to stop our nonsense wars, but it seems you still don’t accept that Ireland have right to decide about its own foreign politics.
So, dear UK, I hope you will respect our choice where to join, we respect you even tho you’re in TWO, you respect us no matter in what alliance we are. Either you will respect us, either you never did respected us.


There was total of 78 votes, 16 of those were discounted, so we had total of 61 valid votes on our referendum. Counters were whs, columbia and myself. They will confirm it in comment.

Here you can see full list of voters, including those which are made invalid.

First question was referendum question: “On which side you want Ireland to look for alliance?”

proEDEN 78%
CoTWO 22%

Second question was poll question, since majority of people choose proEDEN side here’s the results of proEDEN question: “If majority choose proEDEN side which of this alliances you prefer?”

CUA 67,21%
Asgard 21,31%
EDEN 11,48%

Considering this results eIreland is officially becoming proEDEN country and Irish Government will work to make Ireland become a member of some proEDEN alliance, more precisly CUA as our first choice and Asgard as our alternative. As soon as something considering this topic changes we’ll inform Irish population. I have to conclude that if Asgard administration has been more open to us results of this referendum would probably be a bit different, we will be considering joining both alliance tho and we're very happy to see those two alliance started to coordinate and help eachother.

I’d just like to add two more thoughts from our respectful citizens considering this results and eSpanish threat:

MUFC992, Irish President



Fritanga. Day 1,945, 01:04

CUA Pole

Delboy97 Day 1,945, 01:09


Fritanga. Day 1,945, 01:15

I want to congratulate the irish people because the honor is priceless

Josper23 Day 1,945, 01:15


Josper23 Day 1,945, 01:32


Blue And Evil
Blue And Evil Day 1,945, 01:16

Ireland left EDEN months ago because it was a fail alliance. I am saddened to see you now jumping back into bed with them. We in the UK want to continue friendly relations with Ireland, but _you_ are making this difficult by aligning with our enemies.

MUFC992 Day 1,945, 01:17

This doesn't choose our willing to keep friendly relations with you. Keep fighting for your allies and we'll keep fighting for ours.

Talon Karrde
Talon Karrde Day 1,945, 01:19

Unlikely to work in light of this unfortunately. You shouldn't have rushed this through!

Pedrosuna Day 1,947, 11:58

But if we and the UK wants to fight for our allies, we will fight against you because you joined to the enemies!! You can choose what alliance you want to be, but you must face the consequences!!

Bhane Day 1,945, 02:45

Blue, I can tell you this poll would have been completely different if membership in TWO was an actual possibility.

If the UK would endorse Irish membership in TWO (not ACT), and get Sp/oland to go along with it... then the eIrish could consider them more seriously. But TWO will never make that offer, so you really can't complain when we go with the only real option on our table.

Betafoxtrot Day 1,945, 12:18

I don't think you know how alliances work if you think you can skip the trial phase, so we can totally complain that you don't think it's a real option because you think you shouldn't have to do what every country has to do.

Bhane Day 1,945, 12:30

If you think eIreland would ever be considered for the trial phase of TWO membership, then you don't know TWO.

Pedrosuna Day 1,947, 12:02

TWO was created to don't have a lot of members, but all of them are very involved in the alliance

klop123 Day 1,945, 04:26

So when they were "unofficially" aligned with your enemies, you were fine with it. CUA is not the same as EDEN, one is pro-EDEN and one is EDEN ^__^

Betafoxtrot Day 1,945, 12:20

The fact "EDEN" is in both of those things should be a clue as to why we're not exactly happy about this, and to say we were fine with Ireland being aligned with CUA is pretty silly to say, who told you we were fine with it?

klop123 Day 1,945, 19:37

Betafoxtrot, so what were they before? Neutral will pro-EDEN, darn there's that word again, MPPS? I never said you guys were happy with Ireland being aligned with CUA, I said PRIOR to this when they were "unofficially" aligned with your enemies, you were fine with it...

silly redcoats ^__^

Dio Wolf
Dio Wolf Day 1,945, 07:33

CUA ( colombia uruguay and agrnetina) enemies of UK? When did this happenned?

Blue And Evil
Blue And Evil Day 1,945, 11:16

Months of supporting our allies Venezuela against Colombia, and months of supporting our allies Chile against Argentina. That's when.

Struis Vogel
Struis Vogel Day 1,945, 07:55

Stop hugging Poland and it's lame friends. That would be a good start.

T1nk3r Day 1,945, 08:12

Don't know Blue, UK has been in direct wars with some of our closest allies; respect is a two way street bro.

Sean MacDiarmata
Sean MacDiarmata Day 1,945, 11:30

and who is direct war being with?

Lord Marlock
Lord Marlock Day 1,945, 01:21

It is quite funny who u guys switch sides every two months or so - and I would find it quite amusing if the EDEN HQ accepts ur trial

Lord Marlock
Lord Marlock Day 1,945, 01:23

of course, this does not apply to the current government, which was proEDEN all along, but to all those eIrish who voted the neutrality a few months back, and openly stated that they will not support eCroatia in their struggle in eAsia

MUFC992 Day 1,945, 01:25

We're not going back to EDEN, just proEDEN side, alliance CUA 🙂

We don't forget our friends 😉

Lord Marlock
Lord Marlock Day 1,945, 01:29

ur government does not - but a certain amount of Irish voters ... easily, as observed two months ago

MUFC992 Day 1,945, 01:36

there was too much propaganda from one side back then, it really looked different then it was. So I understand past governments

Stolch Day 1,948, 16:31

struggle in Asia, seriously...... one might think you actually believe yourself.

Bohemond4 Day 1,945, 01:23

this decision, while I personally will respect it, makes me sad.

MUFC992 Day 1,945, 01:25

This is all we ask from UK. We'd respect any ur decision aswell.

Homer J Simpson
Homer J Simpson Day 1,945, 01:27


Canada stands by it's Irish bros

Hail Ireland!
Hail CUA!
Hail Canada!
Hail Asgard!

and to Spain.......

MUFC992 Day 1,945, 01:29


I-Bleed-Blue-93 Day 1,945, 09:20

We stand ready to fight alongside Ireland o7

FabMao Day 1,945, 01:29

CUA ally, great news o7

Stenka Razin
Stenka Razin Day 1,945, 01:30


Piran Day 1,945, 01:35

A pretty conclusive result in the poll so obviously what the majority of the Irish people wanted. I hope it doesn't strain relations between us, but somehow think it will be used as an excuse for war.

quijanojulian Day 1,945, 01:39

Hail Brothers!!!


Gepard007 Day 1,945, 01:42

Good luck Irish brothers! o7

Mateoch Day 1,945, 01:42

It´s always good news to aknowlegde that people still vote and decide by their conciense and not by their convenience or by fear.

Chapeau eIreland! I think you are CUA kind of people

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 1,945, 01:45

Well it's a shame as it would have been nice to see you in a friendly alliance but all the best to you guys anyway O7

MR. HANK SCORPIO Day 1,945, 01:48

One of the reasons we left EDEN was because we became a shadow in that alliance, good luck getting activity from a Latin-American based alliance or the one that already stated they don't want us.

Y a s h a
Y a s h a Day 1,945, 02:00


Releasethe Krakken
Releasethe Krakken Day 1,945, 02:03

So how does the numbers look for us vs Spain/Poland/UK

Releasethe Krakken
Releasethe Krakken Day 1,945, 02:05

also dont see how jumping into an alliance hastily when we have threats from a big country is a good thing.

MUFC992 Day 1,945, 02:06

Yesterday, one of the biggest eCountries in the world made serious threats to us. It’s eSpain and their Government member Mininuns who openly stated that if eIreland joins CUA, Spain will invade us. That’s a threat made by a huge country, probably 10 times stronger then us, but without right to decide bout OUR future. People of Ireland choosen their future alliance and side by huge majority of votes and there’s no power in the world which can stop eIreland from doing what its citizens want

learn 2 read

Releasethe Krakken
Releasethe Krakken Day 1,945, 02:20

actually numbnutties I read that but just saying something doesn't make it necessarily the truth. Breaking down what you said:
1. Spain made threats against us. - This should be handled by MOFA
2. They will invade us if we join CUA. Perhaps send a spanish player there to place an article there asking how many supported these threats and campaigning for us .
3. without right to decide about our future- lets explain this germany + japan vs the rest of the world. Italy wants to join them therefore join the battle against the rest of the world. Does the rest of the world have the right to state the obvious that if you join the enemy whom we are fighting we will also be fighting you?
4. There is no power that can stop eIreland from doing what its citizens want: Mmm so if Ireland decides tomorrow in RL to attack the USA they wouldnt kill all of the Irish people. There is no terrorism in this game so actually we cant just do what we want thats the basics of s strategy game and as CP why you dont understand this is beyond me.

Mateoch Day 1,945, 13:49

How you think that eRep is somehow comparable to RL is beyond my understanding

Val3s OBrien
Val3s OBrien Day 1,945, 02:18

no offence MUFC but you should to be wiped for d last pic

lHonouR Day 1,945, 02:23


MUFC992 Day 1,945, 02:25

If people don't laugh at your goals it means your goals are not BIG enough...

lHonouR Day 1,945, 02:26

I'll lol to that as well : D

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